January 29, 2023

Seattle, California has reported snowfall as parts of the United States are unlikely to get a white Christmas.

A White Christmas has arrived To some parts of western America

After giving a rare view of the area in Seattle on Saturday afternoon, icebergs hit across California on Saturday afternoon.

There were many Reports Seattle snowfall and National Weather Service said.Snowy, rough ride“Expected on local roads.

A “Seemingly endless“Low pressure areas from the Pacific are hitting the west coast, with cold storms expected in the middle of the week, federal forecasters said.

There was also snow Reported Portland, Oregon, area, “Cold Arctic winds“Moving on, forecasters said. Seattle and Portland, which generally have no snowfall, will receive at least an inch of snow on Sunday.

Eugene, Oregon, declared a snow and ice emergency Sunday morning, urging residents to evacuate their vehicles from emergency lanes.

“The weather is expected to continue to worsen throughout the day on Sunday, and snow is moving over the area,” the city warned. “Freezing temperatures are likely to worsen on Sunday evening.”

On Sunday afternoon there was a potential storm on the horizon for the Boulder, Colorado area, the National Weather Service said.

Was “Heavy, severe snowfall“In the Tahoe Basin and Reno, Nevada, the local meteorological office said Saturday that for the second day in a row, Interstate 80 was closed near the Toner Summit on the California Highway Patrol. Said. Low visibility was charged.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms lashed the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday. The flood consultation for San Francisco was canceled that afternoon.

It was covered with snow Fourth in the country On Saturday, it promised to finally return to the foothills of California, where falling temperatures and fresh humidity created late-night snow-covered palm trees.

A 70-mile-long interstate over the top of Sierra Nevada was closed Saturday as the storm blew a second wind that cut nearly 2 feet of snow overnight at some ski resorts around Lake Tahoe.

A glance at the powder is possible even in San Diego where snow is rare, but it may be too late to calculate that it is white Christmas.

“We can get light dust in the San Diego County Mountains,” said Casey Oswand, a meteorological meteorologist.

The University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Lab said Sunday that more than 70 inches of snow fell in the past week and 29 inches in the previous day.

In 1970, after falling 179 inches, the state’s heaviest snowfall was 2 feet less than in December, the lab said.

However, in other parts of California, it was wet and rainy Christmas as storms continued to soak the state, causing flash flooding and flooding in some areas during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the southern plains continue to rise. One of the federal forecasters “Contradictory hot low-level heat crest. “

Unprecedented high temperature Sunday may be from the southern plains to the Mediterranean, “said the National Weather Service.

“Much of the south has been significantly warmer since it rose back in the 80s in Texas and Oklahoma,” it said. “The hottest average temperature on Sunday will extend from northern Texas to southern Kansas, where temperatures will be 25-35 degrees above average.”

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