February 5, 2023

Scott Foster, Chris Pauline’s Revenge of the Phoenix Suns, NBA Finals Game 6 Referee

Milwaukee – as Chris Paul And as the Phoenix Suns prepare for Game 6 of the NBA Final on Tuesday night, they do so knowing that they will see a more familiar face when the game starts.

Scott Foster, who has suffered 11 straight post-season losses in games played by Paul, will be the team captain for Tuesday night’s game, along with fellow senior referees Tony Brothers and Eric Lewis.

Paul is 2-15 overall in the playoffs played by Foster referee, and he has a controversial history with Foster, widely regarded as one of the best referees in the league, but also the guard who has the most general history with the star point.

Paul has criticized Foster on several occasions, including the Phoenix Game 3 defeat to the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round.

“If I were a racing man, 11 games in a row,” Paul said after the game. “Eleven games in a row.”

The Suns star was publicly criticized after calling Foster late in the game violation in the first round of the NBA Playoffs last year when Oklahoma City’s Game 7 lost to the Houston Rockets.

Foster’s two losing games in the Phoenix playoff run – the Milwaukee’s 120-100 win in Game 3 and the Lakers’ 109-95 victory in Game 3 in the first round.

After Game 3 of the NBA Final, Suns coach Monty Williams points out that Bucks is a star Giannis Antetoga ounpo Took more free throws than the entire Suns team.

“I’m not going to go public about the mistakes,” Williams said. “I’m not going to do that. But you see. We had 16 free throws tonight. There were 17 for one.

“We have to learn from it. We have to beat the guys on the spot.”