December 9, 2022

Sarah Ferguson marks birthday with pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis: ‘gifts that keep on giving’

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram.

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson He has posted pictures celebrating his 62nd birthday with his loved ones of Queen Elizabeth Saturday loving corgis.

The Duchess of York’s caption read, “The gifts that keep on giving,” alongside an Instagram gallery of two photos showing Ferguson posing with the dogs on the lawn.

The post comes a month after People confirmed it Dogs return to home Ferguson shares With her ex-husband, Prince AndrewFollowing the Queen’s death At the age of 96 Last month.

Ferguson said telegram It is “A great honor“To observe the corgis, Muk and SandyAnd dogs are “national treasures” that are “well trained.”

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There was Mueck and another corgi, Fergus Presented to the Queen Prince Andrew, 62, lost his father during last year’s lockdown Prince Philip, was in the hospital. Fergus died Last May, and Queen Sandy welcomed In a short time.

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Sarah Ferguson/Instagram.

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram.

Sarah Ferguson/Instagram

Now, the dogs are settling into their new home at Royal Lodge, Windsor, alongside the five Norfolk terriers Fergie already shares with Prince Andrew.

“They’re all balanced and the carpet moves when I move, but I’m used to it now,” she joked.

Mueck and Sandy were included in the late King’s funeral as they stood at the gates of Windsor Castle. Welcome to the Queen’s Coffin During his dedication service last month.

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The dogs brought her “constant joy,” Ferguson recalled.

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Queen Elizabeth was there An ardent dog lover He owned more than 30 corgis and dachshund-corgi mixes called “dorgies” during his lifetime.