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Hailing from Moscow, this extremely talented DJ’s adventures have taken him around the planet numerous times, playing at the most happening events including Global Gathering, A State Of Trance, Trance Energy, and many more. On the production front he has released numerous singles and 6 critically acclaimed artist albums, all of which have prompted Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten to call Bobinaone of the most talented music producers ever to come out of Russia”. Today, as he looks forward to releasing his 6th studio Album Speed Breaker, we use the opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding his upcoming album and projects in the future.

Pre-order & tracklist:

Hi Dmitry! Congratulations on the release of your 6th studio album. Quite a milestone you have reached! How does it feel like to have it released?

Hey. Yeah – it’s an amazing feeling when people can finally hear what you had been doing within the last 2 years. Many thanks.

What made you pick the name “Speed Breaker” for your album?

I always try to choose names with some ‘double meaning’. Same was with Catchy! or Same Difference albums. Everybody knows what Speed Breaker actually means but for me – its just an album on a slower speed comparing to previous ones as I think that trance music is not only about BPM of the tunes.

Which collaborations from your upcoming album were you really looking forward to?

All the collabs were really fun to make. The most difficult was the record with JES – we found the right balance between the music & voice quite soon but before I came to JES’ studio, I’ve tried to record this tune with 3 different vocalists – so that “iBelieve” track has a really long story.

Armin recently premiered one of your tracks “Choose Life” at the ASOT festival in Miami. What inspired the song? Does it connect to you making a few personal choices?

There’s nothing personal in this tune. I know the guys who made the original version 20 years ago & just made a track using the same voice for my sets mostly cause I was a big fan of that movie ages ago. 🙂

You had an excellent response to your previous album “#UPLIFTING”. What are your expectations from this album in terms of your fans’ response?

Well, I hope people will like it & won’t be disappointed – it took a long time to make Speed Breaker & now I’m really looking forward to know people’s reaction to these various styled tunes.

The track “Music Box” from your upcoming album was named Tune Of The Week and Future Favourite on ASOT radio. Congratulations for the same! How did “Music Box” happen?

I produced this tune few days before the ASOT750 contest – originally it was a track for the album but when I was finishing the mixing I read on twitter about ASOT anthem contest and decided to send it to Armin just for fun. In the end we’ve decided to release it on ASOT imprint as it was a part of the anthem competition.

How and why did you pick the name Bobina as your stage name?

Just for fun. If I knew from the beginning I will be in the business for over 12 years – I would never pick that name. 🙂 That time it was easier – I just created tracks for fun & selected a fun name. Bobina means ‘real2real’ in Russian.

How did you come up with the idea of starting “Russia goes Clubbing”?

Many years ago I had an offer from a Russian radio station for the show. That time I had Russia Goes Clubbing name in my head – I wanted to name a track like this. But in the end – named the radio show. 🙂

Your remix of “Sound Of Drums” was highly acclaimed and in fact played way more times than the original version. Can we expect you to remix a track in ‘Embrace’?

Could be. To be honest – I think Embrace is a very well done album. It’s really amazing Armin started to do more experimental stuff in my opinion. The only thing is that most of the tunes sounds very complete for me – and it’s very hard to add something but maybe there will be some Bobina remix – you never know. 🙂

What is it that you love about trance the most?

Emotions & melodies. And the opposite side – I do not really feel how most of the people treat ‘trance’ now. For most of them – it should be only 138 BPM with uplifting pure energy which for me sounds strange. Trance – it’s an emotion which melody & sounds could give you – it’s not necessary to make all the tunes of the same BPM and using the same drums & sounds.

We have seen you being extremely responsive on social media with all of your fans. How important do you think it is to interact with your fans and form a connection with them?

I’ve always tried to be like that. My favourite social media now is Instagram. The thing is I do not really post any advertising to social media(s) as for me it’s all about communication and life style. I truly believe that for my Instagram followers for example it’s not that interesting that (my radio show starts in 1 hour – go and check it) – that’s why I try to post my life, not the advertising.

Can we expect to see you perform in India anytime soon?

Hopefully this year. I love India & one of the tunes from the new album (Maharaja) is actually dedicated to India. 🙂


Thank you so much for giving us your time. Wishing you the very best for the release of Speed Breaker! And looking forward to seeing a lot more releases from you in the future.

Speed Breaker is currently on pre-order and releases on the 22nd of April.

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