December 9, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War at a Glance: What We Know on 250th Day of Invasion | Ukraine

  • The cruise missiles have been launched at hydroelectric dams and other critical infrastructure across Russia. Ukraine On Monday morning, explosions were reported near the capital Kiev and in at least 10 other cities and regions. Ukraine’s air force said it shot down 44 of the enemy’s 50 rockets. Video footage shows several missiles intercepted in the surrounding sky Kiev, after 8 am local time. Air raid sirens sounded nationally and citizens were told to seek shelter.

  • Governor of Kiev, Oleksiy Kuleba, “massive shelling in the area” damaged electricity and energy infrastructure. Residents should be trained in emergency power outages, he said. He added: “There is one victim now. We clarify the information.

  • The cruise missiles were launched from Russian Tu-90 and T-60 aircraft flying over the Caspian Sea and north of the Rostov region. They hit targets Kiev, Zaporizhia And Kharkiv Areas, as well as regions Mikolaiv, Lviv, Cytomir, Kirovohrad And Chernivtsi. In a statement on Facebook, Herman HalushchenkoUkraine’s energy minister described Monday morning’s attacks as “barbaric”: “Electricity substations, hydropower and heat generation facilities were hit by rockets.

  • Fragments of a Russian rocket shot down by Ukrainian air defenses land in Naslavsia. MoldovaAccording to Moldova’s Ministry of Interior, some damaged houses and buildings.

  • Despite this, 12 grain export ships left Ukraine today Russia pulls out of Turkey-UN brokered grain dealAccording to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

  • Turkey Despite Russia’s reluctance, the president will continue efforts to support the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement Recep Tayyip Erdogan he said on Monday after Russia stopped participating in the initiative over the weekend.

  • France France is working to allow Ukraine to export food via land routes rather than via the Black Sea via Poland or Romania, the French agriculture minister said. Mark Fesno said on Monday.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his forces had repelled a “heavy attack” by Russian troops in the eastern Donetsk region. “Today they stopped the enemy’s aggressive offensive operations,” Zelensky said on Sunday night. address. “Russian Attack Repulsed.” Fierce fighting is ongoing in the Donetsk region around the towns of Pakmut and Avdiyvka.

  • Admiral Makarov, Russia’s Black Sea flagship, was damaged and disabled. Audacious Ukrainian drone strike Over the weekend in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, according to an analysis of video footage. The warship was one of three Russian ships attacked on Saturday, according to open-source investigators. The Russian Navy was attacked by drones around 4.20 am. Zelensky’s aides have indicated that the country was behind the well-planned raid, although his government has not claimed responsibility.

  • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “deeply concerned”. Russia suspended a grain export deal, delaying his departure for a day to attend an Arab League summit in Algiers. Russia has requested a UN Security Council meeting on Monday to discuss the issue. Guterres engaged in “intense communications” to withdraw the deal He spoke to the EU’s top diplomat, Joseph Borrell.

  • Kevin’s infrastructure ministry said on Sunday that 218 ships were now “effectively blocked” at its ports. – 22 loaded and stuck in ports, 95 loaded and left ports, and 101 awaiting inspection.

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed “hope” that Joe Biden will remember the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. While dealing with the war in Ukraine. In an interview with a Russian state TV documentary on Sunday, Lavrov said there were “parallels” between the ongoing war in Ukraine and the 1962 conflict. “I believe that in today’s situation, President Joe Biden will have more opportunities to understand who is giving orders and how,” Lavrov said. “The difference is that in the distant 1962, Khrushchev and Kennedy found the strength to show responsibility and wisdom, and now we do not see such readiness in Washington and its satellites,” he added.