December 4, 2022

Russia, NATO talks on Ukraine crisis: Direct announcements


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said there were significant differences with Russia following talks aimed at easing tensions with the West and preventing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.debtdebt…Pool photo of Oliver Hoslet

Brussels – NATO leader Wednesday said there were “significant differences” after four hours of talks between the camp and Russia. And stops the Russian invasion Peaceful tensions between Ukraine and Moscow and the West.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference after talks at the camp’s headquarters in Brussels.

He said NATO allies had urged Russia to “immediately reduce the situation” in Ukraine, where 100,000 Russian troops are concentrated near the border, and to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors. Stoltenberg said. Officials said the Russian delegation did not promise to withdraw troops, nor did they reject the request.

NATO allies reaffirmed their refusal to comply with Russia’s demands to stop further expansion with countries seeking to join the alliance and to withdraw all NATO forces from Russia’s borders. Wendy R., Under Secretary of State, led the U.S. delegation to the talks. Sherman called some of Russia’s demands “simply not started.”

“This is not an easy discussion, but that’s why this meeting is so important,” he said. Stoltenberg said NATO allies and Russia “have a very serious and direct exchange of views on the conditions and implications of Ukraine and its surroundings. For European security.”

The meeting at NATO’s Brussels headquarters was the second stop of the diplomatic roadshow focused on the Kremlin. Talks in Geneva on Monday Between Russian and US officials. Russian President Vladimir V As Putin seeks to pressure the West to withdraw NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe, it is up to top diplomacy to invade or intensify Ukraine.

The United States and its NATO allies Now that Putin is facing threats, they hope he will decide to negotiate. Punishment of sanctions New deployments even in NATO allies bordering Russia.

He said NATO allies would hold another series of meetings with Russia on broader European security issues, including arms control and missile deployment. Stoltenberg said. But while the Russian delegation was generally positive, he said they would engage in a new meeting or not. Even Russia’s top ambassadors

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Ms Sherman said NATO officials had set for the Russians areas where “we can work together and make real progress”, including greater transparency in arms control and military exercises. But he reiterated the US position that Russia must first withdraw from threatening Ukraine. Moscow-backed North Stream 2 pipelineThe purpose of transporting natural gas from Russia to Germany depends on Russian expansion.

Ms Sherman said the United States was ready to talk more with the Russians, but was not sure if Moscow would follow suit.

“If Russia withdraws, it is clear that they will never be serious about pursuing diplomacy,” he said.

Chairman of the Russian delegation – Alexander V, who was Russia’s Permanent Representative to NATO from 2012 to 2018. Khrushchev – was expected to explain to reporters later on Wednesday.

Negotiations are formally a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, established in 2002 to discuss mutual security concerns, but have been fundamentally sluggish since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in April 2014 and the annexation of Crimea.

NATO has 30 members, so there were 30 against one in the crowd. Ukraine is not a member of NATO The Coalition promised in 2008 That it will be a day.

NATO officials have insisted that they want to focus on Russia’s large and continuous military structure around Ukraine, rather than Russia’s desire to reconsider the post-Cold War defense structure in Europe.

After Monday’s talks, Sergei A., who led the Russian side. Ryapkov, Denied that Russia had any intention of a new military invasion Of Ukraine. At the same time, if the West does not agree with Russia’s demands such as retreating from NATO’s footprint in Eastern Europe and rejecting any future member for Ukraine, it could face unforeseen consequences that could “secure the whole of Europe.” Ryapkov warned. The continent ”is in danger.