July 3, 2022

Rolling Thunder Bike Rally: Rolling Thunder Bike Rally Ottawa Police Arrest At least 8 People Over the Weekend

Canadian media, Including CTVHundreds of people were reported to have moved to the city on Saturday on foot and motorcycles as part of the weekend rally and protest. Rolling thunder By its organizers.
Rally Goals – The organizers are vague about the goals of the event Website Refers to spreading “as much peace, love and patriotism as possible to your fellow Canadians.” Some organizers said it was in favor of freedom and military veterans Reuters.
The event was attended and organized by a large number of people In the self-described freedom series Struggles earlier this year The CBC reported. Those protests, which saw Ottawa’s streets occupied for weeks, began with truckers resisting Govt-19 restrictions.
On Saturday, participants attended a memorial service at the National War Memorial in the morning, following which a large number of motorcycles drove into the convoy city. CDV. A rally and parade were planned for mid-afternoon on Parliament Hill Event Website.

The three-day festival concludes Sunday morning.

Law enforcement officials were ready for protests.

The police were Warned Anyone charged with Ottawa’s freedom struggle in February and ordered to stay out of Ottawa will be subject to that order. A man arrested Saturday has been charged with “violating the conditions of their release without being in the downtown area of ​​Ottawa.” Said.
On Friday, the first day of the event, seven people were arrested on various charges, including Ottawa police, on suspicion of assaulting police. Said. Twenty-four vehicles were towed away Friday, police said.

No injuries were reported and police said on Friday that the city’s streets were under control.

Prior to the event, the city’s interim police chief said his department was ready.

“Threatening or threatening behaviors will be monitored with all appropriate enforcement action,” Interim Police Chief Steve Bell said Thursday.

Organizers: More than 500 people are expected to attend

More than 500 participants are expected to travel to Ottawa this weekend, event organizers said.

The city was paralyzed by freedom convoy struggles in January and February.

They Covit-19 started with truckers who opposed the vaccination order, which advised that all Canadian truckers crossing the U.S.-Canadian border must be fully vaccinated or isolated in their homes for two weeks upon their return.

Eventually, the protests attracted others who opposed the corona virus controls at the time.

Hundreds of vehicles formed convoys, which converged on Ottawa during the independence convoy struggles, and many pedestrians joined the vehicles. The demonstration blocked the downtown area and key routes between the United States and Canada.

The protests eventually dissipated after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Used the emergency law, As a result protesters were arrested and vehicles and sieges were removed.

Rebekah Riess of CNN contributed to this report.