December 5, 2022

Robert Thurst falls ill with Covit-19, on ventilator, following life sentence, prosecutor says

His lawyer said New York real estate heir Robert Thurst tested positive for Covit-19 and is currently connected to the ventilator.

“We know he was tested positive for Covit-19 and he is in the hospital and on a ventilator,” Dick Dijour told NBC News in a phone call. He had difficulty breathing and difficulty speaking.

His diagnosis comes the same week he was there Sentenced to life imprisonment May have been linked to the killer’s missing wife for killing a friend 20 years ago.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County High Court Judge Mark Wyndham handed down the sentence a month later. Judges Turst, 78, was convicted of first-degree murder Death of Susan Berman on December 23, 2000. Berman was shot at point-blank range in the back of the head inside his Benedict Canyon home. Thurstin’s lawyers plan to appeal the judge’s decision.

Daguerre said he believes Turkest was vaccinated, but did not know if he had a Covit-19 vaccine booster.

Grace Matrono, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, told NBC News in an email that she could not answer medical questions about Turstin’s health, citing HIPAA privacy rules that set national standards for protecting a person’s medical records and other personal health. Information Metrono declined to disclose Turstin’s vaccine status.

This is not the first time Turstin’s health has been a problem during the trial.

He was briefly hospitalized in June. “Some incidents related to his health this morning, “Windham said at the time. The judge also denied Dijur’s request to adjourn the trial because Thurst is battling bladder cancer and other health issues.

Thurst was not in court that day The judges convicted him of Berman’s murder Last month he was exposed to someone who tested positive for Govt-19, According to the Los Angeles Times, Who was first admitted to the hospital in connection with Turst’s recent Govt.

In a court case obtained through the newspaper, Durstin’s attorneys repeatedly sought a false trial. Thurst endured most of his trials in a wheelchair.

Prosecutors say he planned to talk to police about a fake alibi allegedly given to Durst when his wife went missing in New York in 1982, before Berman’s murder in 2000.

Kathy Thurst not foundAlso, no charges have yet been filed in connection with his disappearance.

After Berman’s assassination, he fell from the Turst stage and landed in Calveston, Texas, where he adopted the name. Dorothy Sinir And constantly wore a woman’s wig, dresses and high heels.

Claiming to be self-defense, Thurst was released Despite admitting dismembering his body in September 2001, his neighbor Morris Black was killed.

Then in a 2015 HBO Documentary Series, “Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst, ‚ÄúThurst seemed to admit to the murders.

He went to the bathroom wearing a hot microphone, in which he recorded a whisper to himself: “You were caught! What did I do? Of course I killed them all.”

In Durstin’s pre-sentence statements, Berman’s family spoke passionately about the impact of her and her murder on them.

“Let us know where Kathy’s body is so her family can get some closures,” said David Berman, one of Susan Berman’s relatives.

Linda Takahashi Contributed.