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Hi Robert! Hope you are doing great! How has the first half of the year treated you? Anything we should watch out for?

Hi! I’m doing great thanks. The first half of this year has been truly amazing. My tracks are doing really well and getting a lot of support. For the first time it feels like I actually know what I’m doing and that I have some kind of plan set for the future. So speaking of that and what you should watch out for, I have some new tracks coming up under my RNX guise on Silk Music, as well as a collab with my friend Factor B. There are a couple of other big projects coming up but I’m not supposed to announce any of that just yet.

It was recently announced that you will be making your debut at Dreamstate SoCal this year. Congratulations. How did it all work out? Any special preparations for your Dreamstate set?

Thanks! I cannot stress enough how much I’m looking forward to this. I was told a few months ago that it could be a possibility, but I try not to get excited about possible events until they are 100% confirmed and announced.

As for any special preparations, I’m always working on new music and I will definitely keep a few I want to premiere at Dreamstate.

You also released your track “Euphorica” on FSOE recordings. How did the creative process for the track get initiated? Also, what was the idea behind naming the track “Euphorica”?

I think I made that track in early 2016 and it started with the main melody and the fast arpeggio you can hear during the build up to the break. I’m sure I originally made it with a piano instead of the synth too. For the longest time it was a poorly produced demo I forgot about until I found it again probably around September or so. I wondered why I never finished but then often not hearing a track for a long time gives you fresh ideas to finish it. As for the title I think the original file name was something like ‘Fast Arp’, but when I had to give it a real title I thought it sounded very euphoric and I just added the extra ‘a’ as it made it sound like an actual title instead of a description. Phonetically it sound better too in my mind.


If you had the option of playing a B2B set with an artist, who would it be?

Honestly I’m not a huge fan of playing B2B sets. I can see how they could work on longer or open to close sets as there’s more time to develop something, but most sets are 60 or maybe 90 minutes if you’re lucky. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed the few B2B sets I have played. I played a set with Re:Locate in June which was nice as we’ve made so many tracks together. But if I had to choose, I honestly don’t know. After the guitar stunt at Luminosity someone suggest I’d try that with Pure Nrg, which would be interesting if not unlikely.

How was your experience playing at Luminosity this year?

Luminosity this year was possibly the most amazing event I’ve ever played. There’s something magical about it, anyone who’s attended will likely agree whether it’s a artist, fan, crew member, etc. It’s also a yearly opportunity to catch up with people, meet new artists and fans, discover new music and hang out. And as a bonus it’s only 10 minutes from where I live.

As for my set, this was the first solo LIVE show I’ve done after the live show with Re:Locate last year. It’s a lot of work preparing tracks and sorting out the gear, but it’s so rewarding. Once the nerves settle after the first few tracks it’s pure enjoyment. I took it a level further this year by bringing a guitar too.

You have been proclaimed as one of the producers who keeps their productions pure. How exactly would you define pure trance?

In my mind pure trance focuses on the beauty of the sounds. It’s usually the melodies in an uplifting track that define this, but it could easily work on a 124 BPM progressive track that has the right atmosphere.

Off late we have seen people claim that the sounds of trance are changing. You however are a flag bearer of the pure sounds. What are your opinions of such claims such as trance is losing its essence?

I appreciate that, though I’ve never thought of myself as a flag bearer of the ‘pure sounds’. But trance is always changing. This change appeals to some people and to some it does not. The more EDM styled trance was big a few years ago, psy and pure trance are popular now.

For the people who don’t like the change, they will say it’s losing it’s essence. In the end you can always find the style of trance you like, even if there is less of it being produced. It can be frustrating when a style you dislike is the dominant style, but then there’s always something to complain about. Just focus on what on what you love and and let the rest be.

You recently also remixed “Adventure to the South” by Future disciple. How and why did you pick the track to remix it?

Rich Solarstone asked me if I was interested in remix a track for Pure Trance and this one was one the tracks he sent. I liked it because the my remix was always going to be very different from the original. I don’t like two nearly identical mixes of the same track, it seems pointless to me. I’m quite happy with the result, it kept the essence from the original while being completely different.

Perseverance,  that is the word that comes to mind when we look at your career. You have been producing since early 2000’s and looks like finally after all these years you are really getting the credit you deserve. For all the musicians out there, what sort of message would you like to share?

I had my first round of success in the early to mid 2000’s with tracks like ‘Out There’ and ‘Spiral’, but by 2010 I was much less motivated. Other than a few tracks with Paul (Re:Locate) I hardly produced anything at all between about 2011 to 2014. Things changed after I left my job in 2014. It’s funny how a change like that can motivate you again. Paul left his job not long after and we both started producing a lot of music together until we decided to make an album. Things have really picked up ever since to the point where I am now. Producing music is a creative process and and when other events in your life aren’t motivating, it has a negative effect. I realise it’s not possible for everyone, but a lifestyle change can really make a difference, as it did for me.

Can we expect any new releases or an album anytime soon?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, I keep changing my mind about what I want to do. I’ve made a lot of tracks with completely different styles over the last few years. I have quite a few RNX tracks sitting on my hard drive. I also have this other project called ‘Astrosphere’ which I call my ‘space music project’. At the moment I’m still making more new tracks, then later this year I want to see what I can combine to make some kind of sensible album.

Any message you would like to give to your fans out there?

Yes, a big big thanks to all of you. Some have supported me since the very start and know all the old tracks, others have only just recently discovered my music. In either case, the positivity is so rewarding, so thanks for that! And of course a big thanks to all that come to see my play.

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