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On 9th May 2017, the world had to make peace with the fact that Italian producer & Dj, Robert Conicina better known as Robert Miles lost his battle with the long term disease he was suffering from. He left behind a legacy which can be matched by a very few artists in dance music. All of his productions were of top notch quality. But he will forever be known as an artist who gave us a track that is going to last for generations to come.

‘Children’ first released in January of 1995, as a part of the EP Soundtracks on Joe Vanelli’s DBX label, but was not charted. Vanelli, thus then took the track to a nightclub in Miami where Simon Berry of Platipus records heard for the very first time and fell in love with it. Post which Vanelli and Berry worked together to re-release the track in December 1995, as a part of the album Dreamland.

Since 1995 the song has been certified Gold & Platinum in more than 12 countries and has become the reason why many of us listen to dance music. ‘Children’ still is one of the easy listening songs in dance music, and has made its way into everyone’s playlist, right from the Walkman era of the late 90’s too the current iPod era.

Robert Miles stated two motives for writing ‘Children’. One being a heartfelt response to those child war victims, whose photographs his father brought when he was on a humanitarian mission to former Yugoslavia. The other reason is something which really helped the 90’s clubbing scene in Italy.

The growth of rave culture was at an all time high in the early 90’s. But it unfortunately also resulted in a lot of deaths. Clubbers, who would be making an overnight journey home after strenuous dancing, mixed with alcohol and drug abuse would often fall asleep at the wheel and crash their vehicle. Several death incidents were reported hence Miles, gave birth to a genre called ‘Dream House’.

Unlike other genres it had a steady 4 X 4 bassline which was perfectly aided by the beautiful piano. Miles wanted to end his set with something so beautiful & simple, that it would have a calming effect on attendees hence resulting in less car accident deaths.

A lot has changed in today’s dance music scene, Dj’s prefer to end the night on a high, by playing the most powerful track in their pen drives, but sadly no one thinks the way Miles thought.

#RIP Robert Miles, I guess the God’s above desperately wanted a Heaven version of ‘Children’.

Curator of Edm4Pune, sports enthusiast assisted by having a taste bud for delicious food. Open to all genres of music yet staying close to his first love, Trance.

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  • MaryMary

    Author Reply

    😔 TO here about Roberta, the song children holds so many memories for so many people.
    Also want to mention Belfast Belsonic events, where a lot of Dr’s are playing at different venue, especially, I am looking forward to Judge Jules in Belfast Ormeau Park, with others 17/06/17.

  • Avro ArrowAvro Arrow

    Author Reply

    Robert Miles will forever be the King of Trance. The feelings that could be inspired by purely instrumental tracks like Children, Fable and Fantasya will be with me until I die. Sometimes I hear these songs as I am falling asleep, now I know why. Dreamland will forever be the realm and domain of Robert Miles. In that place that is his dominion, he eternally spins for all of us. I can see that as being like heaven.

  • Mr DynamikMr Dynamik

    Author Reply

    The above story is quite inaccurate… the Platipus Records album it appeared on in 1995 was Platipus Records Volume 2. Dreamland was the album released by BMG after the track was already a huge hit on the back of the single “children”.

  • RajRaj

    Author Reply

    Great song. One of my all time favourites. Listening in the car. Also on the Journey to Serbia…

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