December 6, 2022

Eric Ten Hag's team was divided in the first half at the Etihad Stadium

Robbie Mostoy criticizes Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag’s first-half tactics with Man City defeat

‘They were embarrassed…the manager got it wrong!’: Man United boss Erik ten Hag’s first-half tactics Robbie Mostoy was beaten by rivals City… as Robbie Earl insists their hard work in the last four games was ‘undone in 45 minutes’ “

  • Man United dominated in the first half and lost 4-0 in the first half
  • City took the lead within eight minutes through Phil Foden, who scored a hat-trick
  • Erling Haaland scored two goals in the first half and ended with three goals
  • Robbie Mostoy blamed Erich Ten Hag for United’s worrying bid
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After Man City destroyed rivals Man United in the first half, Robbie Mostoy delivered some strong words to coach Erik ten Hag, accusing the Dutchman of abusing his tactics and saying the team was “embarrassing”.

City led 4-0 in the first half behind goals by Phil Foden and Erling Haaland, who ended a hat-trick, as United were split across the field en route to a 6-3 loss.

Anthony managed to reduce United’s goal in the 56th minute with a stunning left-footed shot before Anthony Martial scored a brace from the bench, but that did not change the outcome of the match after a poor display from the Red Devils in the first half. Half.

“We admire a coach who trusts his players and says, ‘We won the last four, we’ll do the same again,'” Mostoy said on NBC Sports. This is different, isn’t it? “

I got it wrong. The manager knows the features of these midfielders. He knows that Anthony won’t come back and help this side, they are destroyed on this side.

Eric Ten Hag’s team was divided in the first half at the Etihad Stadium

They were embarrassed. And the main reason I say that Rebecca, in terms of the squad, is the midfielders. The four defenders are extended like crazy, but when you have midfielders who only want to attack and don’t want to defend and protect my four defenders.

Kevin De Bruyne runs free, runs crazily and destroys the team, because all attackers are for the city.

Ten Hag started the match with Christian Eriksen and Scott McTominay in midfield as Bruno Fernandes advanced, as City increased the pressure on United.

De Bruyne helped Haaland score two goals in the first half, as Jack Grealish ran down the left wing as well, causing problems for Anthony and Diogo Dalot. The right-back received a yellow card in the second minute.

Six minutes later, City advanced across the end of an ingenious Foden.

“This is a comeback for United from their first two games,” said Mosto’s teammate Robbie Earl. “All that hard work has been undone, all those points they got…it’s gone in 45 minutes.”

“It feels like the bad old days of Manchester United again, which will shock Tin Hag in the first half. He has work to do in this dressing room at least to stop corruption and make sure they don’t concede too many goals… But the players have to take responsibility too. Let him down today.