December 5, 2022

Revengeance blows up TF thanks to Memes

Revengeance blows up TF thanks to Memes

A Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance screenshot showing the elegant swordsman Samuel "Jetstream Sam" Rodriguez points his chin in contemplative thought.

“I must return Revenge‘ Jetstream Sam, sure.
screenshot: PlatinumGames / Konami Digital Entertainment / Kotaku

Some people talk about Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Again, and not just that: They play it too. Hack-and-slash 2013 action game by PlatinumGames Apparently around 10 years old Revenge It really lives up to its name, and it’s a vehicle for revenge and revenge. Because if you Have a look at a recent statistic Posted by Multi-Platform Data Analysis Group Play Trackerwho noted that her number of concurrent players has gone up 1,000% since last April thanks to one particular meme, you’d think the hot boy of the silver-haired robot Raiden would come back with a vengeance…

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeoften shortened to RevengeIt was a strange collaboration between action game enthusiasts PlatinumGames and hard lime metal Developer of the Kojima Productions series. Legally set after 2008 exclusively on PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4: Patriot RiflesAnd Revenge Follow MGS 2 Protagonist Raiden Stop a US Senator’s unilateral plan to reduce the world to pure chaos By exploiting the world war economy. Let this crazy and notable premise sink in for a moment. That’s the entire plot of the game—and it’s totally in control! But what really made the game shine is its smooth and crunchy combat and hyper attack full of acrobatic kicks and swipes. Raiden is an internet ninja, after all, and is the creator of PlatinumGames Bayonetta And Yoke: automaticHe really knows how to craft combat mechanics that look powerful. However, great gameplay alone doesn’t explain the sudden resurgence, so what’s going on? Well, it’s memes, “the DNA of the soul,” as Magnetic Chief Monson put it on during his frustrating philosophical battle.

PlayTracker, a smaller independent group that looks at and reports on player trends across platforms, tweeted on May 23 that Revenge It’s “seeing numbers you haven’t seen” since its launch. In fact, according to the group, the game “exploded” in popularity in January 2022, amassing an average of about 2,000 players per month from 300 to 800 throughout 2021. A PlayerTracker spokesperson explained the numbers to Kotaku via Twitter DMs, saying there were two numbers included in the post: concurrent Steam players and cross-platform achievement activity.

“For simultaneous players, we get the number via Steam’s public API multiple times a day and track it over time,” a PlayerTracker spokesperson said. “Anyone can Access to the current number of concurrent players. You can also independently check our data on how this number has moved over time on similar sites like SteamCharts and SteamDB. As for the cross-platform fulfillment activity, it is the fulfillment activity of 11.5 thousand registered users with us across Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. To be clear, this is a total of 11.5 thousand registered users. Some of them have many platforms, others are on only one or two. The social portion of our site allows users to link their libraries and profiles in one place.”

As a PlayTracker spokesperson said, this upward trend is also mirroring on Steam. SteamCharts Continuous Trend Analyzer reports that Revenge Sees a 61% increase in the number of players In about January. The game maintained this steady growth rate even after a slight decline in March. I mean, at the time of writing, there are nearly 2,000 playing Revenge in the last 24 hours.

And memes seem to be the reason the game is back. Although Hideo Kojima did not write or direct RevengeIt still has all of the series’ growing melodrama and then some, and comes packed with landscape-crunching characters and great dialogue that can be quoted (or remembered). Currently, a Little Top Posts in p/hard lime metalThe subreddit dedicated to all things metal equipmentAnd from this month They are from each other funny ass Revenge Memes. There’s the game’s last boss, fictional US Senator Stephen Armstrong, who got a lot of unforgettable moments from “Nanomachines, son!” As an explanation for why it is so powerful To literally say he wants to “Make America Great Again” – easily making him the source for the game’s most memorable encounters.

A Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance screenshot showing nihilistic magnetic antagonist Monsoon talking about the nature of memes.

But perhaps the most notable memes resulting from the game, which will probably have the jump Revenge Back to public awareness, is “Jetstream Sam Thinking” One. It’s ridiculous, with many GIFs emblazoned with a silly phrase – something like “I have to sabotage a nuclear reactor—and elegant swordsman Samuel “Jet Stream Sam” Rodrigues pats his chin as if he was already thinking the idea. Memes, man.

Some at PlayTracker are crediting the fame of the latest game to YouTuber Jacob Geller on May 2 Check video article RevengeEnduring (and growing) popularity. It offers several interesting arguments as to why the game continues to attract new players, including an “incredibly aggressive” combat system in which dribbling is an optional skill and is linked to responding to the attack button. Inspired by Geller’s video, I recently came back to Revenge Cross backward compatibility with Xbox. I have a larger blog working on this, but only on one task in the game I immediately remembered why Revenge It was pretty exhilarating in 2013. The action started around 10 minutes in, where you battle one of the two mechanical behemoths that the series is named after, a giant Metal Gear, and doesn’t stop until it’s over A drive of about seven hours. They included additional DLC, which lets you play as two other characters, and carry all your gear between plays as rewards.

It’s great to see Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Make a comeback like this. PlayTracker agreed, saying its popularity isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

“As memes are gaining traction and a bit of popular streamer[like[like][مثل[like VTuber Kyokeru And Youtube Karlsud]To play the game on live stream, it’s safe to say it’s going to maintain its momentum a little bit longer.”