August 13, 2022

Rafael Nadal withdrew from Wimbledon due to injury, sending Nick Kyrgios straight into the final.

He was scheduled to face 22-time Grand Slam champion Nick Kyrgios in his semi-final on Friday. Kyrgios will now go directly to the final after winning the match between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie.

“I have to withdraw from the tournament,” Nadal said at a press conference on Thursday. “I have a tear in the (abdominal) muscle.”

Nadal said he thought about what to do all day but decided it “didn’t make sense” to keep going.

“If I keep going, the injury will get worse,” he said, explaining how “sad” he felt about it.

Nadal hinted that part of his decision was based on the fact that he needed to win two matches, a semifinal and a final, to win the championship.

I hope I won’t be able to win both matches. “I don’t want to go out and be competitive enough to play at a level where I want to hit my goal with a big chance of making things worse.”

Nadal said he expects to recover in three to four weeks and return to competing in upcoming tournaments as expected.

The Spaniard said the injury had been bothering him for about a week, but had worsened during that time His toughest quarterfinal match against Taylor Fritz on Wednesday. Although he won 3-6, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 7-6, he was struggling with an abdominal injury at times.

More than once, Nadal He was bent over After a shot, he was holding his midsection. The two-time Wimbledon champion called the coach for an assessment in the second set and eventually used medical time to leave the court for treatment.
“We’re sad to see it end this way,” Wimbledon said Tweeted, taking Natal. “Thank you for another year of unforgettable moments in the Championship.”
Earlier this year, Nadal played through a pain barrier to win his 14th French Open title, getting injections in his leg before each match. In his post-match news conference at Roland Garros, Nadal said that his 21-year career Enduring the pain left him “Every day.”

CNN’s Matias Grez contributed to this report.