December 7, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II looks amazing as she completes her jubilee on the balcony of the palace

The Queen boycotted Friday and Saturday events – Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral and an afternoon at the Epsom Racecourse – due to “discomfort” during the opening day parade on Thursday.

Prince Charles and his wife Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and their three children – three generations of her family to the Queen – gathered in the mall for the once-in-a-lifetime jubilee event.

The crowd erupted as the 96-year-old king – dressed in vibrant green and holding a cane – emerged with a broad smile, waving the Union Jack flag and looking into the patriotic sea of ​​well-wishers.

This is the third balcony look for the king on Jubilee weekend. When he returned from the Trooping The Color Army parade on Thursday, he had previously seen a flying trip with his family and received salutes from soldiers. He attended the lighthouse ceremony from Windsor Castle that evening.

During the brief, three-minute appearance, the Queen watched as her family joined the public in composing the national anthem performed by the Royal Marine Band.

As the red, white and blue sparks fired into the air, the family waved one last time, “Mom Mia!” Went back into the apartment as actors in the West End. Began singing “Dancing Queen”.

A few minutes ago, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran sat on the central stage in front of the palace gates, where he sang his hit song “Perfect”. Archive scenes of the Queen of Edinburgh and the Lord were broadcast on large screens nearby.

Prince Harry and Duchess Megan of Sussex – who had a low profile when they returned to England for the celebrations – did not attend Sunday’s celebrations. The Queen’s humiliated son, Prince Andrew, has not been positive since he recently tested positive for the corona virus.

The balcony look closed with a spectacular Jubilee Grand finale on Sunday. Earlier, more than 6,000 actors marched through the streets of central London in his memory for The People’s Pageant.

Following the 3-kilometer (1.8-mile) route, soldiers, artists, key workers and volunteers from across the UK and the Commonwealth marched, echoing the Queen’s own coronation 70 years ago. The procession passed through Westminster Streets and Mall toward Buckingham Palace.

As the Royal Standard flag was hoisted over the palace at the end of the parade, clues were given to the crowd who had been waiting to see the Queen, who decided that the King should appear surprised.

CNN’s James Frater contributed to this report.