October 3, 2022

Putin orders the Russian army to increase its forces

Putin orders the Russian army to increase its forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin He signed a decree Thursday increasing the size of his country’s armed forces by 137,000, like the Kremlin The war in Ukraine Passed Six month mark.

Putin’s decree will increase the number of fighters in the Russian armed forces by about 10%, from 1.01 million to 1.15 million. This will bring the total number of military chiefs to 2.04 million.

copy of the command on Russian government website It says it will come into effect on January 1, 2023. It was posted online and reported by Russian state media, but no reason was given for the troop surge immediately.

It comes just a day after Putin’s defense minister admitted that Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine had stopped.

Russian forces failed to capture the capital, Kyiv, but now they control swathes of southern and eastern Ukraine, with Moscow refocusing most of its forces in the Donbass industrial region. But military observers said that the Russian army appears demoralized and understaffed, while recent advances in the east have been gradual.

Russia has not released any recent estimates of the number of dead or wounded soldiers in Ukraine. Kyiv says the number is more than 45,000. NBC News has not verified this claim.

It was not clear from the decree how Moscow planned to boost its troop numbers, and whether it would include hiring more contractors, increasing the number of conscripts or both. Putin has so far refrained from calling for a full mobilization at home, with the Kremlin insisting on describing the war as a “special military operation”.

Wednesday marks six months since Putin’s army launched a large-scale invasion of its neighbour. The anniversary coincided with Ukraine Independence Day In token double pushed Warnings Russia may use the opportunity to escalate attacks.

These fears were embodied when she said Kyiv At least 25 people They were killed in a Russian missile attack on a train station in the town of Chaplin in the central Dnipropetrovsk region. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the strike but not the civilian casualties, saying Thursday that more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers and military equipment bound for Donbass were destroyed in the attack.

NBC News has not verified these allegations.

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