September 30, 2022

Prosecutor says Giuliani was a target in Georgia’s Trump election probe

Judge May’s ruling, according to the Speech and Debate section, said Mr. It left it to the state court to determine which elements of Graham’s calls were protected.

But he also noted that beyond the phone calls, there were many other matters of interest to the special grand jury that were undoubtedly fair game, including Mr.

Prosecutors also want two other Trump team lawyers, Jenna Ellis and John Eastman, to appear before a special jury. A resident of Colorado, Mrs. Ellis’ participation will be addressed at a court hearing Tuesday in Fort Collins, Colo. A similar investigation was conducted in New Mexico by Mr. Eastman will also be held in court in Santa Fe. NM on Wednesday

Mr. Giuliani’s lawyer, Mr. Costello was asked by a reporter Monday what mode of transportation his client would use to travel from New York to Atlanta.

“No idea,” mr. Costello said.

On Monday, newly released court records showed Mr. Trump’s associates gave new details about how far they went. A batch of documents, Mr. A forensics team working with Trump-aligned lawyers has successfully gained access to critical election infrastructure in Coffee County, Ga., obtaining information about voting machines and software.

The revelation, detailed in emails and texts obtained by The New York Times, is the first confirmation that the rural district’s election system was breached by an unauthorized outside party. The Washington Post first reported news of the breach.

The hacking of Coffee County’s election system is one of several examples in states across the country, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Colorado, where a loosely-connected network of technicians and lawyers sought to obtain sensitive information about voting machines in a broad mission. To show that the 2020 election was marred by fraud.

Alexandra Persson And Nick Corazaniti Contributed report.