January 29, 2023

Pro golfer shot dead at Georgia Country Club golf course

Jean Siller, a professional golfer, was shot dead Saturday at the Pinnacle Country Club in Kensa, Georgia, according to local sources and the Georgia State Golf Association.

“All of us at GSGA are deeply saddened by the tragic events that took place at Pinetry CC today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jean Siller’s family and friends,” said the Georgia State Golf Association. Tweeted On Saturday.

Siller, now in his 40s, was a member of the Pinetry Country Club staff and previously served as golf and chief golf pro director at the Summit Chase Country Club. Quinnet Daily Post. Kenaso is 30 miles northwest of Atlanta.

The Post reports that since 2007, Siller has continued to compete in golf tournaments in Georgia’s PGA division.

The Georgia PGA tweeted, “Tragedy has befallen the Georgia Division PGA at the loss of our member Jean Siller. Thoughts and prayers for his family and the Pinetry Country Club family.”

Siller, the husband and father of two, is said to have responded to a question about the 10th hole of the lesson, when the Post reported that a man in a white truck had dragged his vehicle over a nearby sand trap. When Siller went to talk to the person in the vehicle, he was shot and later died.

The suspect has not yet been arrested 11 alive.

The course is located near the KSU office of Kenzo State University and the Emergency Administration Tweeted On Saturday the suspect was “a Hispanic male considered armed and dangerous. The suspect was 6’1” and weighed 170 pounds and lastly wore a white shirt. “

Cope County Police are investigating the shooting.