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Ryan Farish is out with his new album “Primary Colors“. On this occasion, we sit down with him and get him to answer a few of our questions for us. Here is all you need to know about “Primary Colors“!


Hi Ryan! Congratulations on the release of literally your 20th album (including the reloaded and extended editions of your albums)! That stands as a milestone achievement in itself! How does it feel like? And how has the reception been towards your latest album “Primary Colors”?

Hello and thank you! My latest album ‘Primary Colors’ (Black Hole Recordings) for me, feels like I’m stepping into a new chapter with my music. I’ve been really happy to see the reaction the new album has received so far, especially because the approach I took with this album was to simply make music that I personally wanted to listen to. It follows no trends really, so it’s been really special for me to see the warm response.



Can you explain as to how “Primary Colors” was conceptualized?

I began working on this album two years ago. I divide my time in the studio between writing and producing, and doing my sound design separately. So you could say that this album initially was born from the new sounds that I began to explore with my analog synths, guitars, etc. I wanted to make an album that would both push me creatively, and artistically, but would also be my most adventurous album sonically, as well. In the end though, it really all comes down to the songs, and this album was really conceived by the idea of creating the music I personally wanted to hear, and the feelings in the music that I wanted to share.


From where do you draw your inspiration to produce your music? Any artists that particularly influence your sound?

I get inspiration from many places. I love spending time outdoors. The time I spend out on my skateboard or motorcycle allows me to fill up my inspiration tank, so to speak. I’ve been inspired by so many great artists over the years, but I would say the Artists that have inspired me the most lately would be Bonobo, Tycho, Seven Lions, Above and Beyond, and Odesza.



If you had to curate your own standout gig and you had to pick 5 artists, who would they be and why?

That’s a tough question for me, because I love so many different genres of music, both electronic and others, but I’ll give this a try… Above & Beyond (Acoustic), Bonobo, Tycho, Odesza, and Ryan Farish.  For me, this would be my dream lineup for a standout gig.


How was your experience collaborating with Christian Burns?

My buddy Christian is amazing, he is so talented, we both really enjoyed working on these songs together, and we have other songs that haven’t been released just yet as well. Christian added so much vibe to this album. It’s always great to work with another artist who brings so much goodness to the project.


When you produced “United” your daughter was going to turn 1 which entirely inspired the album. Do you have a similar experience with regards to “Primary Colors”?

Absolutely, seeing her reaction to the music that I’m making in the studio is the most special thing for me. There are a few songs on the new album as well that have moments where I sampled her voice, and turned those samples into playable instruments and lines I could perform in the songs. Some of these samples aren’t so obvious, but it’s really special to include her in the music, and it makes these songs something special we can share together.



We heard that you played on a violin as a child at the White House! How did that happen?

The music school I studied with as a young child was invited to play at the White House. I actually went with them two times, the second time I played violin and drums. I was just a small child, I don’t remember much except for being on the lawn there at the White House, and I didn’t get to see the president, which was a little disappointing but it was fun anyways.


Can fans expect an upcoming album tour anytime soon?

I really don’t know to be honest, but I really hope to tour at some point. I spend so much of my time working in the studio. Touring is something I would love to do, but it takes a lot of planning and I’m always focused on my work in the studio, the next song or the next album.



Thank you so much for your time and wishing you the very best with your future ventures!

Thank you so much, it was my pleasure!


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