October 3, 2022

Phillies activates Bryce Harper - MLB Trade Rumors

Phillies activates Bryce Harper – MLB Trade Rumors

Velez brought back the title of best player in the National League Bryce Harper From the list of infected for 60 days, Tweets Matt Gelb of The Athletic. Player/Defensive Player Yaero Munoz Selected in Triple-A Lehigh Valley to unlock a spot on the active roster, while his teammate was an outside player Simon Museotti He was summoned from Triple-A and placed directly on the injured list for 60 days in order to clear a place on the 40-player roster. Philadelphia also summoned Sothebow Billy Walter From Lehigh Valley to start tonight’s game.

Harper hits the cleanup in the current Phillies lineup and serves as a designated hitter – a role that depicts him occupying the bottom while continuing to tear the ligaments in his elbow. This, of course, isn’t the injury that has kept Harper out of action over the past two months. Harper was playing through an elbow issue and serving as a high-yield DH before suffering a broken thumb when being hit with a pitch. He needed surgery to address this problem and has been off work since June.

Phils weathered this absence very well, and found themselves in a strong position as a result. Philadelphia heads into tonight’s game with a record 70-55 that places them firmly in possession of second place in the National League Wild Card. They will now welcome the return of Harper, the formidable .318/.385/.599 owner from 275 board appearances, to the lineup for the final five weeks of the season. The aforementioned elbow ligament tear will keep Harper in the DH center, at least for now, but Philadelphia is no doubt pleased to have his racket back in the lineup.

As for Moziotti, the 2022 season is over due to a ruptured patellar tendon in his right knee. The 23-year-old, one of the best in the organization, made his MLB debut this past April and has made nine appearances. He spent most of the year reading Double-A, scoring .259/ .339/ .455 through 38 games. He will be paid a minimum wage of $700,000 for the remainder of this season and will accumulate about five weeks of Major League service time while looking forward to 2023.