December 10, 2022

PGA Championship 2022 Live: Leaderboard & Reaction Justin Thomas defeats Jalatoris in the playoffs

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Justin Thomas broke the seven-shot deficit before beating Will Zalatoris in the play-offs to win his second US PGA Championship following a dramatic climax in the Southern Hills.

Chile’s Mito Pereira took a one-shot lead over the 72nd hole, but at the 17th stop his birdie put across the hole with great pain, but pushed his drive into the creek and ran into a devastating double bogey.

This left Thomas and Jalatoris in the three-hole playoffs, with Thomas finishing 13th and 17th and lifting the Skymaker Trophy for the second time.

That is, John Mahafe equalized the biggest comeback in American PGA history with seven runs behind Tom Watson after 54 runs to beat Watson and Jerry Bat in the 1978 playoffs in Oakmond.

Parallel to the bird that Jalatoris made, Thomas drilled six feet on the 13th in bar-five, but Jalatoris missed eight feet on the 17th as Thomas drove green in the 302-yard bar four. Set two foot birds.

Zalatoris was unable to pierce his long birdie pussy on the 18th to get his hands on the Forestmaker Trophy for the second time following his success at the 2017 Quail Hollow.

Follow all the reactions of an enigmatic end day below:


PGA Championship 2022: Justin Thomas Mito Pereira defeats Saladoris in the playoffs after the 18th double-bogey

Chile were in the lead throughout the final day and were an inch from drowning a bird on the 17th, before a misguided movement plunged him into trouble in the final hole, where he collapsed as the pressure built up.

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Thomas won the PGA Championship

Justin Thomas became the 22nd multiple winner of the PGA Championship.

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Thomas won the PGA Championship

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Thomas won the PGA Championship

Justin Thomas sighs with relief as he hugs his dad in the 18th green. Suppresses tears. This is his second major match victory in the five years since he won the PGA Championship for the first time.

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Playoff: 18th hole

Justin Thomas wins 104th PGA Championship!

The pudding is tapped and 29-year-old Thomas wins.

Playing birds on the ninth, 11th, 12th and 17th during the regulatory game was enough for him to get a spot in the playoffs, and on the 13th and 17th more birds won the trophy for him.

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Playoff: 18th hole

The bow is about 25 feet from the Jaladoris hole. He wanted to give it a chance, and left a few feet and crossed the hole to the left.

Justin Thomas has two points to win the match. Can he do it in one?

No he can’t. It blooms down the slope and finishes a couple of inches from the hole.

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Playoff: 18th hole

Zalatoris is at the forefront of his approach to green. He faded it around the corner and landed shortly before the ball was kicked and returned to the first cut. He has a putt for the bird there.

Justin Thomas went for a highlight and immersed himself in the green – today he is four yards closer than he was before. If he knocks it, he is the champion.

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Playoff: 18th hole

What a drive from Justin Thomas. He punches it from left to right, hits the right side of the fairway and leaves a nice angle to hit the green two.

Will Zalatoris was slightly conservative and hit a straight 3-tree in the middle. The ball runs to the right, but he saw the green better than he had before.

Both players are in good condition.

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Playoff: 18th hole

One more hole to go. This is the 18th and this is a tricky customer. The burr for the Jedi here might be enough to see him lift the trophy.

Zalatoris need to take a shot. He should be more adventurous than tea.

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Playoff: 17th hole

Misreading Jaladoris, he sees his bird attempt to move to the right edge of the hole. It goes and he knocks it an equal.

Thomas has a chance to go ahead, can he take it?

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