October 5, 2022

NFL: AUG 19 Preseason - Texans at Rams

PFT’s Week One 2022 NFL Power Rankings

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1. Ramez: Good news, the defending champions always start at the front. Bad news, there is only one way to go.

2. Pirate: It seems so Tom Bradylast flight. And I always felt that he was destined to go away with a glass under his arm.

3. The Bills: They’ve held the goal of a Super Bowl winner without getting into the game for nearly 30 years.

4. The Chiefs: How can they not be widely seen to be ready to go straight back to where they have been for four years in a row?

5. The Packers: With a parlor depleted, Cheeseheads may soon turn into ayahuasca.

6. Bengals: Would 80 per cent turnover make the offensive line better? It couldn’t be much worse than it was in the post-season.

7. 49ers: If they can get a decent performance from their quarterback and avoid a string of major injuries, they can return to the Super Bowl.

8. Titans: Is that Ryan TaneyhillLast chance to take the Titans to the next level?

9. The Eagles: Five years after winning the Super Bowl, they are ready to compete again.

10. Cowboys: Can they win the playoffs this year? First, they have to go back there.

11. The ponies: At a time when everyone is wondering if it Russell Wilson Will be joining Tom Brady /Matthew Stafford Parade from a new team to the NFL title, Matt Ryan You might be in a better position to pull that off already.

12. The Ravens: In a tightly packed AFC, they are as capable as anyone to get through the post-season and win more than one game there.

13. Cardinals: They will be fine in September and October. The pressure will be on in November and December, especially with strong blows Cameras and microphones are in season there.

14. Raiders: The crime should be fine. Can the defense slow the other three infractions in the department?

15. Chargers: Are They Really Playoffs or Bankruptcy for Year Two Coach Brandon Staley?

16. Steelers: Write it off at your own risk.

17. The Patriots: How many years of post-Tom Brady struggle before Brady had more credits than Bill Belichick in the Super Bowls?

18. Dolphins: If they succeed, the Dolphins could reach the quarter-finals, and possibly even the AFC Championship.

19. Broncos: The bar is too high for a team that has gone through a lot of changes over the past two years. Especially since they have to compete with bosses, invaders, and chargers.

20. The Saints: The passing of Sean Payton was met with a surprising degree of indifference. It’s a huge void, and it’s still unclear if anyone in the technical staff will still be able to fill it.

21. Brown: If they eventually win the Super Bowl Deshaun WatsonSupposedly, the exotic 2022 trip was worth it. For anything less than that, it wouldn’t be.

22. Vikings: Ding Dong Zim is dead. That alone might be enough to get the Vikings to the playoffs.

23. Panthers: They have a talent for competition. Which will make the seat more colorful for the technical staff.

24. Washington: This is Carson WentzLast chance to be a regular NFL player. Will that be enough to get him to stop reckless with the ball?

25. Seahawks: Having Pete Carol forces us to take them more seriously. Even then, it looks like they’re going to have a hard time—especially in the hard segmentation.

26. Falcons: Matt Ryan has been a cornerstone of the franchise since 2008. How wouldn’t they hold back without him?

27. Giants: It will take over a year to steam up the roster.

28. Black: Do they go up the ladder? definitely. Will they? we will see.

29. Jaguar: If they were in the NFC, they would be a marginal contender in the playoff. In the AFC, there are too many good teams.

30. Bears: They tear it down to build it. It may take some time to configure.

31. AIRCRAFT: Hopefully, ownership will give the current regime enough time to make the most of their existing roster.

32. TEXAS: Bad news, they’ve earned that spot. Good news, there is only one direction to go.