April 13, 2021

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Personal Data: 8 million personal data of Peruvian Facebook users is filtered through the deep web

One user decided to post foro de hacking Low profile private data and phone number Hundreds of millions Users Facebook For free.

Much of the disclosed data contains personal information 533 million Users Facebook More than 32 million users in the United States, nearly 11 million users in Spain and from more than 106 countries 8 million in Peru.

Includes filtered data telephone number, Facebook IDs, Full Names, Locations, Dates of Birth, BIOS and Addresses Email.

Many media outlets have confirmed the leaked data and verified multiple records by comparing the number of known users Facebook.

Why change your Facebook password?

According to information released by computer security companies, 30% of Internet users use only three passwords in all their services. That is, use the same three passwords for all types of access. If one of those passwords is leaked, cybercriminals will search the data for other services: In addition to Netflix, Spodify or our Certifications, any organization that provides credit information Or worse, allow access to our main email account.

This type of function It is used to extract personal information, contact lists, and access to rarely visited services – Your Hi5 account, even if it’s not been logged in for a long time, still needs to host a lot of information – And with that data, these people are seeking more access to other accounts.

Single compromise password It affects at least 60% of your active accounts on the Internet, As well as Bind with cross-login services como Google, Facebook, Apple o Twitter. If the attacker gains control of your Google or Facebook account, they can log in to that account with Netflix, Disney +, Spotify, Tidal, LinkedIn or any other enabled computer with the same credentials.From there, you can change the password to block your access and sell that new account on the black market.

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Take care of your important data

Some may think this is insignificant data, but these big leaks are being exploited Cyber ​​criminals According to CDO’s Alone Call, in addition to other massive cyber attacks, who uses this personal data to impersonate and commit fraud? Computer security company Hudson Rock, Who first revealed the leak.

“A database of that size containing personal information such as the phone numbers of many Facebook users would certainly lead criminals to exploit data to carry out social engineering attacks. (O) Hacking attempts “, Transparent leg a Business Insider.

Facebook has not yet commented on the incident. However, this is not the first time something like this has happened. In 2019, the phones of millions of people were leaked from servers Facebook. The company said the vulnerability was fixed in August 2019.

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