November 29, 2022

Pelosi infrastructure sets the vote because Dem leaders are fighting to unite the Caucasus

“I say we’m going to pass the bill this week,” Pelosi told ABC’s “This Week” earlier on Sunday. Refuses to provide exclusions About voting time. Then he said, “I never brought a bill to the floor without votes.”

According to those familiar with the conversations, some centrists seeking a Sept. 27 deadline personally smoked Sunday night over Pelosi’s announcement. When the House Democrats meet for a private council meeting on Monday evening, some of those tensions will explode.

The last-minute schedule changes when Pelosi and her leadership team enter one Very effect Legal weeks in years. The House Democrats will try to pass the public works bill not only with $ 550 billion in new spending, but also with a large domestic bill worth up to $ 3.5 trillion.

Pelosi announced Saturday that legislators will vote on both sets this week, with lawmakers and staff seeking to finalize that broad policy bill – and get the full Caucasus behind it.

According to many familiar with the discussions, Pelosi and his leadership are still locking up votes for the two bills. With three more votes left, Democrat leaders are looking to build more whiplash in the White House in their comprehensive campaign.

Biden, his cabinet officials, the Office of Legislative Affairs and senior White House staff Spoke with several legislators According to a White House official, this is the way forward this weekend.

“The engagement is going on until the weekend and it is clear that there is a strong resolution behind the passage of these bills so that our economy caters to the middle class, not just those above,” the official said.

Burgess Everett contributed to this report.