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Released as a single off Paul Van Dyk’s album Evolution, this track features the vocals of Plumb. Hands down, this is one of my absolute favorite tracks by PvD.

According to Plumb:

“[This song] was inspired by being a mother and feeling like I just can’t get it together sometimes, and I didn’t really deserve to be this mom that I get to be, but yet, these children love me regardless of all my faults, and how that immediately parallels God’s love to us – of just ‘I love you, whether you deserve it or not, too.’

It was actually inspired by my 7-year-old son who is, in the most endearing way, kind of Dennis The Menace. There’s times where he totally brings me to my knees with like, “God, help me! What do I do with this creative, rambunctious, fun little guy,” but at the same time he’s just– like I have to really think about it sometimes: God made him and let me be his mom. Of all the women, he let me be his mom. And then it’s like ‘Wait a minute… of all the mistakes I’ve made, he still loves me.’ When you write about something really pure like that, it’s really interesting how it ends up paralleling. The metaphor can mean whatever to anybody.”

There are remixes by Giuseppe Ottaviani, John O’Callaghan, Seven Lions, Maor Levi and more. However, my favorite remix would have to be the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix. Even Solarstone agrees that this remix is one of the best:

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