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Paul Thomas has been on fire this year – some fantastic new singles, their label Ultraviolet has been belting some amazing tracks and now he’s announced the launch of his new label FSOE UV with a new single UV. We had a chat with this humble yet very ambitious man about UV and what more can we expect in 2017.

  1. Hey Paul, It’s great to have you here with us and congratulations for the launch of FSOE UV. So tell us a bit more about the label, when did you start conceptualizing it, how long did it take and can you share some inside secrets for our readers regarding the artists who will feature on this label?

I actually first discussed it with Fadi at the Supersonic show in Pune, India show we both played earlier in the year. He mentioned he really liked my music, said he wanted to launch a proper progressive label. I then went to meet him in Amsterdam ahead of his open to close show there to discuss and we were totally on the same page for everything so it was very easy to work out. As for the artists and music, it’s going to be just great underground works. There’s a lot of my own stuff on there, as well as some really cool acts that both myself and Aly & Fila already support.

  1. How will this label be different from Ultraviolet on Black Hole Recordings?

Well with this one I am running it with Aly & Fila. I have great respect for their wide ranging of music tastes and also for their knowledge and input, so it’s going to be more of a bringing together of the minds of 2 artists. UltraViolet took a long time to build up to where it is now, but due to the nature of what we’ve already got in terms of backing at FSOE, we are able to make a massive splash straight away, as you’ll hear with the music in the coming months.

  1. Your track with Aly n Fila “UV” embodies all the elements we will experience in the label later? So do we have any more collaboration in the bag with Aly n Fila in the future?

I think it’s a great basis to tell people what we are going to be about for sure. I don’t think we have a very strict output on the style. It’s not like I am expecting everyone to deliver me a rolling underground melodic prog track for the label. It will be varied, but it will stay very underground. As for another collab, I have no idea! It’s not something we have discussed as we haven’t got this track out yet J The guys are working on a new artist album so I am sure they have a lot of commitments to stick to. But who knows in the future J

  1. According to the recent Beatport report Trance sales collections have jumped from the 9thposition to the 6th You guys think Trance sales can jump into the top 3 by the year end?

That doesn’t surprise me. There’s a definite upward trend around the world with trance at the moment so I am pleased that’s reflecting in sales as well. Top 3 would be a massive ask. I would say house, deep house, tech house and techno are way too far ahead in terms of sales and exposure but who knows. I think you’ll definitely see a big rise in progressive house sales though. That will be taking off massively for sure.

  1. Paul, the first 6 months of 2017 have been awesome for you. A new label, some amazing Beatport topping tunes and Ultraviolet releasing some amazing new music. So what’s in store for us for the remaining 5 months? Do you have plans to release an album in the future?

I am toying with the idea of an album, but after spending 18 months writing one and then scrapping it last year because of the change in my musical direction, I am a little more sceptical now. But I have some great singles lined up. After the UV track with Aly & Fila I have one called Goliath out on FSOE UV at the end of August, a track called Dark Heart on Armada in September, and my first solo single since switching to progressive in October also on FSOE UV. We also have the Diablo remixes coming on UltraViolet later in the year too.

  1. September 15th is a huge day for you as FSOE 500 reaches the magnificent pyramids and you are part of a stellar lineup which includes Armin. How does it feel to be a part of such a huge event? And can we expect a little B2b between you Fadi there?

I can’t wait for this. It’s probably my biggest show to date, and I have done a lot of big shows in my career. I have already started editing tracks, doing some reworks and organising music especially for this show. It’ll be a one-off set I won’t play anywhere else. I don’t think there will be a B2B at the main show. Obviously it’s Aly & Fila’s home city so I think everyone will be so excited for their set on their own. But as for at an after party, who knows! J

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