December 8, 2022

Partner with Philips Hue and Spotify to sync lights with your music

If you have a house full of Hue lights, there is a whole new way to set the mood for your next party. Signify, which creates the Philips Hue Line, is partnering with Spotify so your lightbulbs can automatically sync with any color you play, change color and glow with a pulse.

There are already a lot of ways to sync your lights to music – including Signify’s own Hue Sync app – but those methods usually require an app or some external hardware to listen to everything you play. This new partnership avoids tapping Hugh Bridge directly on Spotify once you’ve linked your accounts.

That intimate partnership is considered to provide a better experience, allowing the Hue system to adjust the light effects based on the specific data you play, including its type, tempo, volume, mood and more. If the computer does not want to decide how to illuminate objects on its own you can go to the application and customize the effects.

This system comes with two catches: to use it, you need a Hue Bridge, which is not available to every Hue owner (you can use new bulbs via Bluetooth without a dedicated hub); And the feature only supports colored bulbs. On the other hand, you Do not Requires a paid Spotify subscription – Free accounts work well.

Signify says the feature will start today and will be available to all Hue users within a week. This is initially billed as an “initial access” feature. In October, it should receive the most important billing as a “permanent part” of the Hue application.

In addition to the Spotify partnership, Signify was announced New hue lights today, Including high-fiber lighting, bright bulb configurations and upgraded lighting.