February 5, 2023

Pakistani official calls for 'immediate cessation' of war in Ukraine

Pakistani official calls for ‘immediate cessation’ of war in Ukraine

  • A Pakistani official has called for an “immediate cessation” of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
  • Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa made the remarks during a speech on Saturday.
  • Bajwa said the war was a “great tragedy,” according to CNN.

A Pakistani official called for an “immediate cessation” of the war between Russia and Ukraine, CNN reported.

During a speech on Saturday, Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa said that the Russian invasion has occurred It left thousands dead“Very unfortunate” and “a great tragedy,” the report said.

“Pakistan does not believe in camp politics and wants excellent relations with all countries, especially the United States, the European Union, China, Russia and others,” Bajwa was quoted by CNN as saying.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Waging war on Ukraine in late February, causing millions to flee to neighboring countries. His movement was It was met with a wave of international condemnation.

Bajwa’s remarks come at a time when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan did not publicly condemn Putin’s actions after pressure from the West, Hill mentioned.

“What do you think of us? Are we your slaves.. Whatever you say, we will?” The platform reported that Khan said in response to a letter calling on Pakistan to support a resolution condemning the Moscow attack last month.

However, Pakistan sent emergency aid to Ukraine after the request of the country’s embassy in Islamabad, it was reported Reports.