February 2, 2023

Padres trades with Juan Soto, turning attention to Carlos Rodon, Wilson Contreras

Padres trades with Juan Soto, turning attention to Carlos Rodon, Wilson Contreras

MLB trade season has arrived. The clock is ticking as executives try to prepare their teams for the extended run before the 6 p.m. deadline on Tuesday, August 2. After days of speculation, the biggest domino fell on Tuesday.

The Washington citizens trade Juan Soto to me San Diego Padres to Swarm of prospects.

With the biggest piece out of the market, teams that missed out on a desperate Soto could get to add help before Tuesday’s 6 p.m. ET deadline. Check back for updates when the madness unfolds.

Padres comes out on top with Juan Soto on deadline

Tuesday morning rumors centered on San Diego Padres stalking Juan Soto and Josh Bell of the Washington Nationals. The deal eventually went through, but there was concern that the Los Angeles Dodgers might play a belated role for Soto.

She set up a sequel to Deadline last year. In 2021, the Citizens kept the shooting side’s main piece, Max Scherzer. It was a rental agency that hits a free agency at the end of the season, so the price was lower, but the plot was similarly intense. After Padres appeared to have secured a deal for him, the Dodgers pounced and both Scherzer and Shortstop Trea Turner landed.

Today, the Citizens once again hold two major commercial slots in Soto and Bell, the first baseman to strike in Monsters season. Once again, the dynamic duo of NL West are once again dealing head-to-head for the most talented player on the market. This time, it was Padres who sealed the deal.

It wasn’t without some drama. First baseman Eric Hosmer was originally in the deal, but objected to its inclusion through a no-trade clause. It was eventually shipped to Boston while Luke Voit was added to the Nationals collection.

Citizens, Cubs around the clock as deadline day approaches

As of midnight on deadline day, August 2, Juan Soto is still in Washington. So did Josh Bell, the first baseman to hit the switch who is also expected to move by 6pm as the Soto lottery hits the strike market, another major seller still holding major chops is the Chicago Cubs.

Chicago has the versatile All-Star player Ian Hap hanging on the trade block, with some suitors reportedly viewing him as Soto’s back-up plan. He remains the closest David Robertson to the Cubs even though he may be the most prominent loyalist dealt with at Deadline.

Moreover, other major names to watch on Tuesday include Marlins star Pablo Lopez – Reportedly attracting attention from the Dodgers — and Yankees slugger Joey Gallo, whose disastrous Bronx tenure will likely come to an end.

Astros get a mask on Christian Vazquez

The Houston Astros are reported to have filled a gap in the catcher by taking on Christian Vazquez, who works for the Boston Red Sox. A solid defender, Vazquez is also in the midst of another strong offensive season. It hits .282 with eight pigeon bugs, and the park’s adjusted OPS is better than average for the third time in four years.

Although not the same offensive force as Willson Contreras of Cubs, one of the leading names in the commercial market, he is a more recognizable defender who is expected to take on the responsibilities of handling the playoffs associated with the playoffs. He has a lot of experience in the month of October, as he led the 2018 Red Sox to win the world championship.

Astros hunters are reaching the worst level in the league .159/.228/.297, so this is a major upgrade. They were reportedly reluctant to shake up the pursued corps too much due to the stellar defense and leadership of Martin Maldonado.

Add weirdness to this deal? The fact that the Red Sox is in Houston, so Vazquez’s travel after the trade would consist of walking to the other club.

The 31-year-old has played for the Red Sox throughout his career, having been recruited by the club in 2008. He will reach free agency at the end of the year.

Dealing with Vasquez wasn’t Boston’s only move on Monday. They also transferred loyalist Jake Diekman to the White Sox for catcher Reese McGuire, a player to be named and coins later. Meanwhile, it is reported that they have struck a deal for Reds player Tommy Pham to promote the major league club. This seems like an obvious buy-and-sell case for a team that has fallen into the basement of AL East but still has some chances in the playoffs.

The Astros acquire Trey Mancini from Orioles in a 3-team deal

Trey Mancini, the first player for the Orioles and DH, is said to be heading to Houston on a three-team deal that will send defensive back Jose Seri to the Tampa Bay Rays. Mancini’s right-handed swinger fits the Astros’ preference for hitters who hit below average and still pack a pop.

Captured by the Orioles in the eighth round of the 2013 MLB Draft, Mancini hit .268/.347/.404 with 10 guards, 16 doubles and 35 walks. If anything, it might be hitting better than it looks; His strength numbers have taken a hit due to the new wall formation at Camden Yards. This will likely take Houston out of the market for Josh Bell, the first key man on the national batting team who should soon join the contender’s lineup.

The Astros are always in the market for strong players like Mancini, but with the Orioles looking ahead of schedule in their rebuilding (they are only three games out of the last wild card with a 51-51 record), some think the Orioles might stick with it until they can make a boost. Serious comma this year.

Instead, it looks like the Orioles will at least move on from a player who is set to enter a free agency and get some small arms — possibly Rays Seth Johnson and Astros Chayce McDermott. The Astros will also get Rays Pinging Jayden Murray, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Yankees trade for Frankie Montas of Oakland, relief aid

The New York Yankees tackle first Oakland bowler Frankie Montas and loyalist Lou Trevino, In Jack Carrey of YES. The 29-year-old Montas is proud to have raced a 3.18 ERA this season and he has been Probably the best writer left on the board after, after The Seattle Mariners have arrested Luis Castillo.

Since the start of 2021, Montas has an excellent 3.30 ERA over 291 2/3 strokes. The continued success has come hand in hand with a greater focus on the awesome splitter, which runs heat up to 96 miles per hour so that it can throw as four or two stitchers. In turn, the Yankees will reportedly bring back their best offer prospect, left-handed Ken Waldichuk, along with potentially impressing JB Sears, Louis Medina and potential second-choice Cooper Bowman. It’s a huge return that clearly compares to the trade of Luis Castillo. The Yankees were adamant not to trade short-term prospects Anthony Volpe and Oswald Perazza, and the move would have been accomplished without these guys.

The Montas was one of the few stand-out pieces A held after a winter fire sale. He will remain under the control of the team until 2023, Giving the Yankees a start of caliber 2 to boost an already strong spin.

With his team on a winning streak of 108, GM Yankees Brian Cashman is acting aggressive. He already added rookie striker Scott Evros of the Cubs on Monday.

Padres acquires Josh Hader from Brewers in a surprise closer swap

ESPN’s Jeff Bassan reports on the San Diego Padres adding one of the game’s best closing tools. Padres sends closer, Taylor Rogers, to the Milwaukee Brewers along with a group of young players for Josh Hader, the dominant left-hander.

beer makers, Who can either bring Rogers closer or lift Devin Williams the dominant setup manthey are said to have listened to Hader’s deals on and off since Williams came on the scene.

In the deal, according to Bassan’s report, they added several other talented players, including Esteury Ruiz, a young defensive player who could get into the squad immediately. The Brewers currently lead NL Central with three games over the St. Louis Cardinals.

Juan Soto Rumors: Could the talent of generations be on the move?

Are you ready for the seismic movement that would be Juan Soto’s trade? Last whispers say the citizens have three suitors for Soto and they are probably more than the restSan Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals, and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Padres and Dodgers, enemies of NL West, got involved in a bidding war a year ago for a different Nationals star – Max Scherzer. Finally, The Dodgers pulled off a surprise movie that secured both Scherzer and Shortstop Trea Turner.

Be aware of the possibility of a Soto deal with all of our coverage so far.

Washington superstar Juan Soto is the center of attention on commercial deadlines. (AP Photo/Patrick Simansky)

Shohei Ohtani will probably stay in place

Shohei Ohtani’s situation has never been as urgent as Soto talks, but the Los Angeles Angels at least have hardened the market heading into another losing season despite hiring Mike Trout and Otani. John Hyman of the New York Post reported Monday afternoon, Ohtani will stay all season.

The two-way sensation, in contention for his first Cy Young and AL MVP’s second consecutive nod, could become a free agent after 2023 and has expressed his desire to play for a winning team. As angels chase him around with rival pieces, it may be necessary for them to consider replacing him this winter.

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