December 8, 2022

Orioles' Tre Mancini responds after Aaron Judge and Yankees shoot into left field wall at Camden Yards - Baltimore Sun

Orioles’ Tre Mancini responds after Aaron Judge and Yankees shoot into left field wall at Camden Yards – Baltimore Sun

When asked about comments from New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and quarterback Aaron Judge about the new left-field wall for the Camden Yards, Trey Mancini, the longest-lived Oriole, acknowledged that it wasn’t the first time he had heard such complaints from visiting hitters.

Nobody likes it,” said Mancini, laughing. “No hitters like it, myself included.”

Both Boone and Judge criticized the Orioles’ changes at their famous stadium afterwards Tuesday night victory 5-4Judge has twice run but lost a potential third inning at home on a ball that would have left every other major league ground, as well as Camden Yards a year ago. The judge called for the changes, which included moving the left field wall back nearly 30 feet and increasing its height by more than five feet To reduce the ease of participation in that part of the playing field“a farce”.

“It feels like creating a garden now,” Judge told reporters, adding, “Build your own.”

Heading into Wednesday, Judge’s missed run is one of six visitors hit likely to leave Camden Yards with former court dimensions, according to tracking from The Baltimore Sun. The Yankees have been responsible for half of those in the past two days. No visiting player cleared the wall to enter Wednesday’s game.

Mancini twice lost ground on the new wall, baptizing it with double the padding during his first home in Baltimore. The Orioles lost eight home runs to the wall, with Ryan Mountcastle, Austin Hayes, and Anthony Santander hitting balls over them.

As he and other Orioles hitters have done since plans for the new wall were first reported this season, Mancini has repeatedly noted that “that’s what it is.” Mountcastle, like Judge, hit a ball that only stayed in the park because it was hit at Camden Yards, an explosion that ricocheted off the top of the new wall. Mancini said players are able to laugh about things like this, knowing that it’s out of their control.

“There is nothing we can do to change it,” Mancini said. “It’s nothing you can think of when you’re on the board. But it doesn’t make it any less difficult when you hit a ball that you think must definitely be Homer.”

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Tuesday’s comments are the second time this month that New York has participated in a pitch-dimensions speech. After Gleiber Torres went home on May 8 on the short right porch at Yankee Stadium, Texas Rangers coach Chris Woodward said the ball was “easy to come out on 99% of the ballparks. … He just happened to hit it on a small ball court in Little League”. In response, Boone mocked Woodward’s “maths off” because there are 30 parks, which means 99% wouldn’t be possible.

Since Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, Camden Yards – who celebrates its thirtieth anniversary – It is the only major league venue where more home runs have been hit.

Despite this, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde took no chances when Boone criticized his team’s home park, saying he “would take a high profile.” [road]. He pointed to comments from Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli about how the changes at Camden Yards require right-handed hitters, as Hyde described, “to become true hitters.”

“Previously, flying balls to the left were reptiles, and it was often unfair,” Hyde said. “It’s just playing fairer than before.”

However, Oriole hitters will naturally be influenced by him more than any other team, so comments like Judge and Boone fall somewhat for Mancini. The changes come at a bad time for Mancini, who is a potential free agent at the end of the season and whose future earnings depend on a strong campaign in 2022.

“We play half our games here, so,” said Mancini, who came in late. Before adding, “I know that [Judge’s] Maybe the ball should have been Homer, but yeah, we had quite a few, too, that had to be. Like I said, we play half of our games here, so it’s not as great as a right-handed hitter.

“It’s still our job to go out there and play, so complaining it won’t help us. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we like it either.”