December 10, 2022

Olympics 2021: US men’s basketball players frustrated by crime amid France loss, report says

Team USA men’s basketball was spotted on Sunday night when the team lost to France in the first match of Group A. Tokyo Olympics.

U.S. head coach Greg Popovich has been under the microscope for going to the Olympics, especially after missing two exhibition games, and a new report highlights how the locker room feels in the midst of the fall.

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American men’s basketball players are frustrated about running San Antonio SpursAttack packages, during games Athletes Sunday report. Sunday marked the Americans’ first Olympic loss since Argentina beat them in 2004.

Popovich, who took issue with a reporter for The Athletic magazine on the assumption that the team would blow up the USA teams, reiterated after Sunday’s loss that it was not a real surprise.

“No wonder. They stretched some 3s and we made some mistakes. Like Dremond (Green) said we were late in the game (seven points lead), we dropped 3s, so those were the players’ mistakes. But those things happen during the game. If it could have been more consistent, we would not have been in that position. When you lose a game, you are not surprised. You are disappointed, “said Bobovic, who is Spurs’ head coach.

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He added: “I think it’s a little disgusting if you think the Americans have to roll the ball. We have to work for it like everyone else. They played better in those 40 minutes than we did.”

In the first match of the group stage, the French team defeated the United States 25-game victory 83-76. Bobovich 6-3 since taking over as head coach of Team USA.

Evan Fornier led France with 28 points and four rebounds. Rudy Cobert added 14 points and nine rebounds.

The new juror Holiday, who had an NBA final win with Milwaukee Bucks, somehow led Team USA with 18 points.

“We need to better protect the extension,” Green said. “And close games.”

The Americans will see a return against Iran on Wednesday. They end their team game against the Czech Republic on Saturday. France play in the Czech Republic on Wednesday and Iran on Saturday.

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The top two teams in Group A advance to the knockout round.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.