January 29, 2023

Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Live Updates Everywhere – Team USA’s Suni Lee Wins Gold

With the news that Simon Piles was not out of the women’s all-round competition, all eyes were on Sunisa Lee, the American gymnast who became the Olympic champion at the end of the day.

Lee was ready for the challenge. The 18-year-old put in the best performance for the Brazilian Rebecca Andrade (57.298) gold medal with a total of 57.433 points. Lee was the sixth American gymnast to perform this feat. The first Olympic medal for Brazil in the history of women’s gymnastics was Andrs’ silver.

We & # 39; re giving you all the action you missed during a dramatic all-round final:

Suni Lee Gold

Suni Lee became the fifth straight American woman to win Olympic all-round gold as her team and her family gathered at a watch party on her return home to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Lee led Brazilian Rebecca Andre to one-tenth of a point on the final lap on the ground – one of Andrட்டின்s’ strongest events, and one weakest for the league. ROC’s Angelina Melnikova advanced early in the cycle after a strong, clean performance, but Lee responded and returned to the top of the leaderboard, with only Andrade and Jade Carey performing. Andrade crossed the line for the second time in his first pass, winning gold for the league. Andrade won silver, Melnikova won bronze. – Alyssa Ronic

Final Stages:

1. Sunisa Lee, USA – 57.433

2. Rebecca Andrade, Brazil – 57.298

3. Angelina Melnikova, Russian Olympic team – 57.199

4. Vladislava Urosova, Russian Olympic team – 56.966

5. My Murakami, Japan –56.032

6. Nina Dervell, Belgium – 55,965

7. Jijing Dong, China-54.498

8. Jade Carey, USA – 54.199

Suni takes the lead with a spin to go

With only one event remaining, things have gotten better Much Interesting here in Tokyo. Although Sunisa Lee took first place after three events, it was designed as a four-way race on the leaderboard between Lee, Brazil’s Rebecca Andrade and Angelina Melnikova of the Russian Olympic Committee and Vladislava Urosova. All are half point to each other.

In his third event Lee earned 13.833 points after saving his wolf turn – less than the 14.200 he earned in qualifying, but the second-best score of his cycle. Urosova topped the group with 14.200 points.

Jade Carey opened the cycle and fell from the beam during her acrobatic series, giving her a medal of 11.533 and all.

No matter what happens, you will not want to blink during this final cycle.

Levels after the third cycle:

1. Sunisa Lee, USA – 43.733

2. Rebecca Andrade, Brazil – 43.632

3. Vladislava Urosova, Russian Olympic team – 43.566

4. Angelina Melnikova, Russian Olympic team – 43.233

5. Nina Dervell, Belgium – 42,532

12. Jade Carey, USA – 40.233

Suni Lee is coming to play; Rebecca is led by Andrade

The menu rotation in the top group was an epic battle, with Suni Lee hanging on to his most difficult routine – earning $ 15,300. Not everything went right for the league, but he made changes throughout and got the highest scores ever at that event.

Two-time world champion Nina Dervell of Belgium hit all her releases for 15.266, and ROC team gymnasts Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urosova had matching capabilities of 14.900 and 14.866, respectively.

Rebecca Andrade showed a strong 14.666 with her high, effortless release moves – and is less than one tenth ahead of Lee. Jade Carey missed a mix at his regular start and scored 13,500 – more than half a point above his qualifying score. – Amy Van Duson

Levels after the second cycle:

1. Rebecca Andrade, Brazil – 29.966

2. Sunisa Lee, USA – 29.900

3. Angelina Melnikova, Russian Olympic team – 29.533

4. Vladislava Urosova, Russian Olympic team – 29.366

5. Nina Dervell, Belgium – 29,166

6. Jade Carey, USA – 28.700

American gymnasts are starting strong

If the first cycle is any symptom, it will become one Much Interesting night in Tokyo. Americans Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey both opened the box and turned their cases into legitimate medal contenders.

Lee, who competed first in the event, had an almost flawless Yurchenko double turn and scored 14.6. Gary, who had the second-highest vault score in qualifying on Sunday, scored 15.2 for his sen. He had a little bit of hop on the landing, but otherwise released a very strong opening statement.

Lee and Gary embraced after they finished the event, both of whom were delighted with their results.

Rebecca Andrade of Brazil, who had the third highest qualifying score in the box, received 15.3 – the best score of the night in any event so far. The 22-year-old is coming off his third ACL surgery and finished 11th in the all-round competition in Rio. – D’RC Maine

Levels after the first cycle:

1. Andrt, Brazil

2. Gary, USA

3. Angelina Melnikova, Russian Olympic team

4. Lee, USA

5. Vladislava Urosova, Russian Olympic team

Piles is on the stand

Simon Piles did not attend Thursday’s event, but he is in the building. He sits in the front row with teammates Jordan Chillis, Grace McCullum (pictured) and Michael Skinner, and they have already cheered loudly for Sunny Lee and Jade Carey during the introductions. – D’RC Maine

It’s almost time …

This is the final countdown, and the expectation is high.

All eyes will be on American athletes Lee and Jade Carey as they compete to be crowned the new individual all-round champion. Today’s start list for the first cycle:

With the piles out, who will win?

No million dollar question? If you look at the qualifying scores, all four gymnasts after the piles are all.300 except. It will be suspenseful.

Here’s all you need to know – and more about American athlete Jade Carey competing in the Piles space.

Inferiority on Lee

Sunisa Lee, also known as Suni, is one of the best bar practitioners in the world – and she finished third all-around in qualifications. Lee, a three-time world medalist, has evidence of ending up on the Olympic stage. Writer Alyssa Ronic spent time with her close family before the Olympics, trust us, her story is readable.