February 8, 2023

Odell Beckham Jr.’s visit with the Cowboys ends with no offer due to concerns about availability in 2022

The Cowboys were the first to show great interest in the purchase Odell Beckham Jr 2022 for the remainder of the season, but after a free-agent visit with the team this week, things may not be as clear-cut as before.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported on Wednesday The Cowboys didn’t give Beckham an offer at the end of his visit, mostly due to questions about Beckham’s availability to play this season and concerns about not being able to see him practice in person.

Beckham Jr. was about 10 months removed from it ACL tear He suffered a concussion during Super Bowl LVI, and early projections were that he would be ready to play Mid November, that deadline has already been extended. To that end, according to Slater, the Cowboys were worried about Beckham being unable to see him in action, moving and running routes, and having to assess the situation without that vital information.

As the Cowboys search for a player available to play this season, a lack of practice — indicative of Beckham’s recovery — has made Dallas less hopeful than before. Slater.

Meanwhile, Cowboys leadership continues to be asked about signing OBJ now that the official visit is over. In interviews this week, head coach Mike McCarthy and owner Jerry Jones were both asked about their discussions with Beckham.

McCarthy said at his press conference on Wednesday that he thought the visit with Beckham was “really good” and that he “loved his vibe. I enjoyed everything about our talk.” But McCarthy declined to give a real update on the Cowboys’ thoughts on signing Beckham at this point.

However, owner Jerry Jones was tight-lipped when discussing his arrival with the star wide receiver. Tuesday interview 105.3 The Fan. Jones also said he enjoyed his long meetings with Beckham, but when asked about his confidence in signing a player he hasn’t seen since his ACL tear, Jones’ response seemed to echo concerns about the unknowns of the situation.

“I don’t believe so. That’s the problem. We’ve all realized that health is an availability problem,” Jones said. “You have to take a good look at everything, not just the obvious, which is his performance, but also any health issues. So we have to bring all of these with our eyes open. Only then can you see if you can make a deal or not.”

The Cowboys wined and dined OBJ over the course of a few days, and Dallas likes him more than other suitors, but it looks like the wide receiver’s health will have the biggest impact on a potential deal.

For his part, Beckham traveled to Arizona to discuss his options with family and decide what his next steps would be, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. reported. As he mulls things over, the Cowboys must decide if they’re in or out of a deal.