December 9, 2022

NYC Marathon Live: Results and Updates

NYC Marathon Live: Results and Updates

I’ve watched New York City Marathon runners. You may know some. Maybe you’d like to join the party and run the marathon yourself next year. So how can you be one of the 50,000 runners lining up on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in 2023?

There are several ways to get a bib for a marathon, although not all options are available for the 2023 race.

How to enter the New York City Marathon 2023

Draw: This is the easiest and most difficult option. For this year’s race, more than 84,000 runners participated in the drawing. Only about 12 percent were selected. From February 8 to February 22, anyone can Enter the lotteryand New York Road Runners, which organizes the race, will choose the lucky winners on March 1. Pay the admission fee ($295 for US runners who are not Road Runners members) and you’re now.

Participants are divided into three groups: people who live in New York City or within 60 miles of the city, US residents outside the New York City area and residents outside the US. But since a lot of people get into the drawing, runners need some luck to get that way.

Run with the New York Road Runners Kids Team: This is one of two options available for charity. Each runner who chooses this option must collect at least $2,620 Kids team, which supports youth and community management programs in the organization. Racers also get training and some perks on race day, and can sign up now.

Run with another charity: Racing partners with Non-Profit Organizations to Provide Charitable Bibs. Like Team for Kids, contestants must raise money to enter. Minimum amounts vary by charity and can start at $3,000, $4,000, or $5,000. The official list of charities for 2023 has not yet been announced.

Tour booking: Runners outside the US can book a marathon package that includes race entry with select International tour operators. These packages must include a “travel package,” which may provide airline tickets, hotel accommodations, or both, and must be booked through an approved tour operator on the list on the race’s website.

Run a quick half marathon or a full marathon: Unlike the Boston Marathon, the New York race does not require runners to have run a previous race in a certain amount of time in order to compete. But some of the fastest runners can still beat the New York Lottery by making it happen Qualification times In the 2022 races. That’s a bit more complicated. The qualifying times should be held in 2022, and the running times for the New York Road Runners take priority over other competitions. If the race is not run by the organization, the runner’s time must be verifiable online, and the runner must submit that time during the February submission window. Available qualifying time slots are first-come, first-served for runners who do not have qualifying time in a Road Runners event, and courses must be certified. The times required vary by age group.

Run the race 15 times: One time contestants I finished the marathon 15 timesThey are eligible for guaranteed entry in future years, although motorcyclists and other athletes with disabilities who have entered previous races through Achilles International do not qualify in this category.

Runners who have canceled their entry to the 2022 race under official cancellation guidelines can claim guaranteed entry in 2023, but this only works once. If entry in 2022 is a cancellation in 2021, it does not provide a guaranteed entry for a second time.

There are also some options for entry if runners are willing to wait until 2024.

Ways to enter the New York City Marathon 2024

Complete the 9+1 program: This is a popular choice among runners who live in or near New York City. In a calendar year, if you run nine qualifying races in New York Road Runners and volunteer for one qualifying event, often a race, you will gain entry for the following year. Volunteer options can fill up quickly, especially towards the end of the year, so runners who have taken nine races already this year, or won’t be able to by the end of December, may not be able to get the volunteer work done if they don’t. Already registered. The number resets on January 1 to enter the 2024 race. Runners must also have an active membership in New York Road Runners as of December 31 of the year in which they complete 9 + 1 program.

Run the marathon by default: There were many The default options for the marathon In the past few years, and one provides a guaranteed entry the following year. The virtual race should be completed by November 6, and it’s already sold out, so this is only an option for runners to do in 2023 to enter 2024.