November 26, 2022

Novak Djokovic reaches French Open final with epic victory over Rafael Nadal | French Open 2021

For the second time in eight months, Rafael Nadal welcomed his biggest rival in his Parisian cave. In Last year’s French Open final Nadal Novak Djokovic wasted three brutal sets, but had no intention of allowing World No. 1 history to repeat itself.

After losing the first five games, Djokovic faced a full-blown challenge, the result of which was one of the biggest hits he had ever achieved in a career that was already bursting with pride.

“Certainly the best match I’ve ever been a part of at Roland Garros, and the first three matches I’ve played in my entire life, considering the quality of tennis, he’s been my biggest competitor on the court with so many wins over the last 15 years that he has dominated, and the atmosphere was completely electric.” Djokovic said: “Lots of support for both players. Very wonderful.”

He did what very few in the court Philippe Chatterjee did to Natalie, adapted to his position, leveled his will, and then won 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5), leaving a remarkable four hours and 11 minutes in doubt. ), To reach his sixth place 6-2 French Open Final.

Rafael Nadal, a 13-time champion at Roland Carros, waves to the crowd after the defeat. Photo: Adam Beautiful / Getty Images

With his massive victory, Djokovic has only suffered his third career loss at Roland Crosby in Natal in 108 matches, and he will be competing for his second French Open title in addition to his 19th Grand Slam title, a joint men’s record that will pull him into Nadal and Roger.

He will face Stefanos Tsitsipas, who recovered from a 0-40 start at the start of the fifth set and reached his first Grand Slam final, a two-set lead against Alexander Sverre. 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3 wins.

As he digested the record of being the first Greek player to reach the Grand Slam final, Sitsibas did not hold back tears: “This victory is by far the most important one of my career,” he said.

Nadal had come to court in a war mood. He spent the first five games of the match destroying his forehand, attacking it with untouchable speed, spin and depth, while his defense was invincible. Frustrated, Djokovic trailed 0-5 for the second time.

But this time the challenge was subdued. He finally started to catch Natalie’s service, which he dragged 3-5. Although Natal was strong enough to deliver the set, the pace changed.

Throughout the second set, Djokovic wrestled to the base, and he commanded the highest number of points. His backhand was sublime, and Natalie fitted his backhand corner, while keeping the opposite bases with his depth. Through the seventh game of the second set, the intensity broke through the roof, but Djokovic provided a great service in the 10 minutes of the game for 5 minutes, eventually he took the second set.

Stefanos Tsitsipas gives an emotional interview after the semi-final victory over Alexander Sverev
Stefanos Tsitsipas gives an emotional interview after the semi-final victory over Alexander Sverev. Photo: Julian Finney / Getty Images

As the third set began, Djokovic was above ground, ordering so much action. He dragged Natalie off the court at evil angles and suffocated as the Spaniard withdrew his service, creating eight break points in the set in four different games.

But each time Djokovic broke up, Nadal backed down. From 3-5, Nadal took a 6-5 lead, saving the wrestling control of forearms and baseline that could roar through several break points in his favor.

By the time they reached a tiebreak, Nadal seemed to be holding his hand. Instead, Djokovic soared into the moment by playing a dizzying tiebreak. At 5-4 on the tiebreak, Djokovic D served down an ace, and Nadal closed his fate in the set in an attempt to take a drop shot.

If there is any real action in this match, it is reflected in the decisions taken outside the court: Djokovic went to the bathroom after the 93-minute tiebreak set and the clock went off at 11pm, according to Marion Bartoli on ITV, watching French Prime Minister Jean Costex at home. He called and made an exception for Roland Garros, who allowed fans at the venue to finally see history.

Nadal opened the fourth set with a 2-0 lead, but Djokovic denied any rebounds. Although Nadal struggled to the last, Djokovic pulled him back and made sure the result was firm. He won six games in a row in the fourth set and advanced to the final, knocking down King firmly.

The fifth-seeded Chitsipas, who has won more ATP tournaments this year than any other player and identified himself as one of the best clay court players in the world, scored his own victory over Sverev.

ā€œIā€™m proud of myself,ā€ he said. “I love what I do. I love playing in this arena. I am so grateful for every match I play.

“I’ve obviously had a chance to play against the best and test myself. I’ve always dreamed, I wanted to walk one day. I could be here, I really go for it. I love it.”