September 26, 2022

NFL Pre-Season Week Two Results, Highlights, Updates: Cowboys WR and USFL MVP KaVontae Turpin Dazzles Against Chargers

NFL Pre-Season Week Two Results, Highlights, Updates: Cowboys WR and USFL MVP KaVontae Turpin Dazzles Against Chargers

The NFL pre-season is halfway through with week two, which serves as a “virtual rehearsal” for beginners to prepare for the start of the regular season — which is only three weeks away. For teams that don’t have a combined workout this week, week two of pre-season is crucial.

Saturday’s roster featured eight games, three of which are in the afternoon, four take place simultaneously in prime time, and the Cowboys and Chargers tie in the late window. The Broncos didn’t play most of the starting players in one of the first two games, but Invoices Give them – including Josh Allen – a little run. As expected, the Chiefs debuted their new offensive on Saturday, and the result was similar to what the Chiefs’ offense did during Patrick Mahomes’ first four years as the Kansas City quarterback.

Fans have also been treated to rookie quarterbacks Kenny Beckett and Malik Willis, both of whom are hoping to put more pressure on the midfielders currently in front of them on the depth chart. The day ended with an impressive performance by a player who recently won the USFL MVP award.

Here’s a look at all the highlights from the first three days of the pre-season procedure.

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bear 27, Seahawks 11 (takeaway meals)


patriots 20, leopards 10 (Takeaway)
Packers 20, saints 10 (a summary)
Texas 24, rams 20 (a summary)


42 bills, Bronco 15th (a summary)
black 27, ponies 26 (a summary)
heads 24, leaders 14 (a summary)
Steelers 16, Jaguar 15th (Takeaway)
Raiders 15th, dolphins 13 (a summary)
49ers 17, Vikings 7 (a summary)
titans 13, pirate 3 (a summary)
Cowboys 32, chargers 18 (a summary)


the Eagles in Brown1 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Bengals in giants7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
crows in basics8 p.m. ET (Gametracker)


hawks in Planes8 p.m. ET (Gametracker)

Kenny Beckett continues his strong preparation for the new season

The noise train Kenny Beckett keeps moving. After throwing the game-winning touchdown in the pre-season opener in Pittsburgh last week, the first-round rookie is turning heads once again. This time around, Beckett sees working with the first team and looks like a man capable of being the start of the first week. In the second quarter, he drove a touchdown in just 42 seconds.

On top of the scoring throw to run back Benny Snell Jr., Beckett also showed a nice touch on a 24 yard gain to finish off Pat Freymouth tightly. In the first inning, Beckett went 6 of 7 passes for 76 yards and that touchdown.

Willis’ owner shows escape potential

Malik Willis appears upside down. The Liberty rookie started in Tennessee State’s pre-season game against Tampa Bay, and his ability to knit around the pocket was on full display. Leading the Titans in a field goal campaign in the second quarter, Willis threw a side pass with his arm while escaping from a potential chainstay sack.

He then hit a 25-yard run to get Tennessee into the red, where they were shooting a field goal at the end. Willis is still a raw prospect and needs improvement as a bystander, but the tools are there for him to be a legitimate candidate to be a long-term option for the Titans with some development.

Cafontai Turbine Electrification Yield

USFL MVP KaVontae Turpin cemented his case to become the Cowboys’ 53-man roster when he returned a kickoff 98 yards to score against the Chargers on Saturday night. He returned to the finish zone moments later after running 86 yards to land.

Turpin joined the Cowboys earlier this summer after helping the NFL New Jersey Generals roll out a regular 9-1 during the league’s inaugural regular season.

Kyle Phillips has made a name for himself this summer. He earned praise from coach Mike Frapel, who also noted that quarterback Ryan Tanehill trusts him to throw the ball. While he’s eye-opening as a passing pro, the UCLA Fifth-round pick also plays in the second leg.

At the Tennessee Show with the Bucs on Saturday, Phillips sent a kick outside the Tennessee 20-yard line and came back at 35 yards. He was able to make his first attacker miss, finding a loophole and fighting through a pair of tackles to turn the field in favor of the Giants.

While rookie George Pickens has been getting a lot of attention in Pittsburgh this summer, don’t underestimate Chase Claypool’s talent. In the Steelers’ opening campaign at their fair with the Jaguars, Mitchell Trubisky took a 3rd and 6th shot and reached out to Claypool, who performed a fade out of the hole and got up to make a contested catch for 29 yards. Claypool is looking to build the 2021 season as he netted 956 yards of scrimmage and 13.1 yards per touch.

Mahomes Double Deuce with Fortson

In case you were wondering, Patrick Mahomes looks like Patrick Mahomes. In Kansas City’s second preseason game against Washington, the previous league’s best player started and looked like he was in the middle of the season. He opened the game with consecutive touchdowns, culminating in a pass to the tight finish by Jodi Fortson.

The first catch capped at 87 yards to drive. Mahomes threw it to Fortson and was able to show a solid footwork to keep him on hand for the score. This wasn’t Mahomes’ best throw in the lead as he completed a 39-yard pass to Justin Watson as well.

Later, Mahomes was taken out of the pocket and forced to make an lopsided throw to the front left corner of the end zone where he found Fortson again.

With two drives, Mahomes is 12 of 19 and passes for 162 yards and those two rungs.

Blacks and landings and grabs, oh my god

Not many beginners have seen the field in Lions vs. Colts, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything worth caring about. Black wide Tom Kennedy found himself in the end zone on back-to-back possessions in Detroit. The first touch grab came in the last play of the first half:

To open the scoring after the break, Kennedy climbed back over the Colts defender to pull off a six-point pass.

very easy

Josh Allen and his first-team Buffalo Bills walked right down the field against the Denver Broncos, covering 70 yards in six plays. The push ended with Allen scrambling around the pocket, putting his feet up, and hitting the ball to Gabriel Davis at the front of the end zone.

Allen went 3-for-3 for 49 yards and scoring, completing passes to Davis, Stefon Diggs and Isaiah Mackenzie. Devin Singletary was up front for Buffalo, with Zack Moss entering the No. 2 drive ahead of rookie James Cook. Oh, and Buffalo followed Davis’ landing hunt by reaching the end zone on each of her next five possessions. Moss ran in a pair of short runs, OJ Howard spotted a touchdown from Case Keenum (who finished 16 of 18 for 192 yards), and Duke Johnson hit a dirt push twice as well.

Night fishing (Friday)!

The Houston Texans made their start in the first half of this pre-season competition against the Los Angeles Rams, and were able to lead 7-6 in the first half thanks to this precise capture by Nico Collins in the end zone. Collins just went up to Derion Kendrick for the ball and came out with the score.

Collins will play a role in the Texas attack in 2022. A play like this will make him more targets.

What makes this landing at Ettling special? The play happened During an interview with Aaron Rodgers On Broadcast Packers. Rodgers’ excitement by Ettling’s scoring makes this play even more exciting.

Love appeared part of the NFL quarterback on Friday night, finishing with 113 yards and a touchdown pass. He also showed off his running ability with this 11-yard run for the first time.

Chris Olaf scores his first touchdown

Olave gives Saints fans a preview of what will happen when he lines up alongside Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry this fall. Round one tied Ian Book at 20 yards with 12 seconds left in the first half – his first time wearing a Saints uniform.

Olaf had hit once for four yards last week, but he got two in the first half of this.

Patriots quarterback Billy Zappy made a dangerous throw roll to his left, and Hayes read the pass to take the ball the other way and hook the match. Zappe wasn’t sharp on his second visit of the season, in which Matt Patricia invited the plays.

Romeo Dobbs landing

There is a place for the Doubs to earn shots with the first team this year, and this catch from Jordan Love shows why. The Doubs came in with that impressive reception from four yards over Brian Allen to lift the Packers, 10-3, over the Saints in the second quarter. Love began to show confidence in the rookie in the fourth round.

59 yards field goal by Will Lutz

Lutz missed the entire year of 2021 with a major muscle injury, as the Saints lost his reliability in the kicking department. He definitely looked like his old self with this 59-yard field goal to close out the first quarter.

Only 13 of his 23 over-50-yard field goals in his career, Lutz hitting this kick is very encouraging.

Romeo Dobbs makes his case to move up in the depth chart

The Doubs was one of the widely criticized Packers players that Aaron Rodgers criticized during the week, so he was in the spotlight with the second-team players participating in the majority of this match. Capturing 17 yards on the opening drive in Jordan’s love throw makes a strong impression, even if Doubs failed to get a third pass earlier.

No longer a Saints quarterback, Hill has shifted his focus to the narrow end of the 2022 season. No. 2 on the tight end in New Orleans, Hill made an early impact by capturing a 10-yard pass from Ian Book. Hill adds an extra dimension to Saints offense in his new role, and he can still play a wide receiver and run backwards in short-range situations.

The Patriots averaged just 1.9 yards per game in the first quarter with just 21 yards of attack, but Nelson Agulor changed that with this 45-yard catch on a fine throw from Mc Jones. Whether you’re up against the second team’s defense or not, that’s what Patriots fans want to see from their new look.

New England scored a goal – two yards from Ty Montgomery – three times later.