November 26, 2022

New charging buck made of aluminum instead of plastic for the Apple Watch Series 7 ship

While the Apple Watch Series 7 hits stores in a couple of days, there are still a few little tips we’re finding right now. After the Apple Watch ban was lifted today, I was able to see the new power cable coming out of the box.

Discovered by Italian YouTuber iMatteoThe new Apple Watch Series 7 charging buck is made of aluminum instead of plastic. Not only that, as we announced earlier it now comes with a USB-C connection, not with a USB-A.

One of the changes in the Apple Watch Series 7 is that it can charge faster, but to do that, Apple pointed out that the charging side would need to use a new aluminum outer edge. Justin.

Apple claims that with the new cable the Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged 33% faster, and it guarantees 80% battery life in 45 minutes of charging. Of course, users need Apple 20W power brick You can take advantage of fast charging with the iPod Air, iPod Pro or Homepot Mini.

Other than that, the selling point of this new watch is its large screen sizes of 41mm and 45mm, 40mm and 44mm compared to the older versions. This large display accommodates some new watch faces, a QWERTY keyboard with a modified UI and a quickpath, so users can swipe words while using the Apple Watch Series 7.

This new Apple Watch is currently available for pre-order, however you can get one until mid-November if you order online at the Apple Store. Customers can try to get it on Friday when the Apple Watch Series 7 is officially released to Apple Stores and other retailers.

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