December 6, 2022

NBA postpones Chicago’s next two games with 10 players on health and safety protocol

In the midst of Govt-19 infection Chicago Bulls Especially hard, the NBA has decided to postpone the team’s next two games 10 players in the league’s health and safety protocols. Alice Johnson became the 10th player to enter the norms on Monday morning, with the Bulls having just nine active players, one player more than the eight needed to play a game.

Each Report of the League:

The next two games of the Chicago Bulls – against Tuesday, December 14th Detroit Pistons And Thursday, Dec. 16 in Toronto – Adjourned. Ten Bulls players, extra staff, are currently in the NBA’s health and safety protocol.

Chicago Detroit Pistons are scheduled to play Tuesday, followed by a road trip Toronto Raptors Thursday, but the league decided to postpone those two games to give the Bulls a chance to recover some players healthy.

Below is a list of Chicago players currently on protocol:

Zach LaVine and Troy Brown Jr. Entered into league protocols on Sunday. Is Lavin It is expected to be sidelined for at least 10 days, But can return quickly if he records two negative tests in 24 hours. Even the team’s broadcasters – Stacy King and Bill Winnington – Protocols are included.

Bulls Center Nikola Vusevic He recently returned to sports action after his own match with COVID-19 in November. With the bulls exploding throughout the team, players and coaches are being tested several times a day. The good news is that the Bulls players have been vaccinated so they do not have to deal with many serious symptoms.

“Probably due to being vaccinated, now a lot of guys are sitting at home without any symptoms,” Bulls coach Donovan said of the situation Saturday. Via ESPN. “This is also a good thing, because when the guys really had a real hard time getting sick, I think it was really hard for them to come back … … we have some guys who felt it. No. “

It is unfortunate that the team does not have all the bulls that were so good when they were healthy. Chicago is currently third in the Eastern Conference rankings with a 17-10 record. While not the best, the Bulls have diligently done everything they can.

“It was a scary time,” Donovan added. “Our comrades have done a really good job, trying to really be locked in, ‘This is what I have to do,’ or, ‘This is all I can control,’ and trying to put their best legs forward to try and move forward with it.”

The other positive is that White and Green, who were the first two players to enter the COVID-19 protocol a week ago, will soon return to action this week. After being sidelined just hours before Chicago’s December 6 victory, Derroson’s arrival could continue shortly after. Denver Nuggets When he tested positive for the virus.

A team they met on Saturday, The Miami heat, Already deals with possible expressions ahead Caleb Martin And broadcaster Jason Jackson Both included protocols. Postponing the next two games will help ensure that the eruption does not spread further than it already does within the Bulls’ system, and may spread to other opposing teams facing Chicago.