February 8, 2023

NBA Finals 2021 – What does Chris Pauline’s support history say about his current challenge?

Chris Paul There is a crossroads. Sixteen years into his remarkable NBA career, the Phoenix Suns star guard is at one time the closest he has been to a title, but now a loss that can be considered his most bitter post-season disappointment.

By any measure, Paul was one of the best guards who ever played the game, and he was without a doubt the greatest master of his era. But his passing period has come at a very important time. He averaged 8.8 assists per game in the NBA Finals, well below his average of 8.9 in the regular season, but his earnings rose from 2.2 to 3.6. In two games at Milwaukee, Paul had nine turning points against 16 assists. A large part of it is due to security Jur holiday And Milwaukee Bucks.

However, if Paul wants to force a Game 7 at home in Phoenix and give him a chance to win his first career NBA Championship, he must act like a player with a reputation worthy of being named Grand Master of the NBA. Chess board. He was a player who watched every defensive coverage and figured out how to beat them all. Paul is good at using his tiny droplets through the scoring area for the snake and manipulating the guards’ arrangement before creating the perfect game for his team to continue.

Throughout this season, Paul has handled the Suns offense with the utmost precision, engaging everyone on a nightly basis. He’s a master of the team’s first four assist-scorer doubles, and it doesn’t matter if Paul sets up a star or a role player; He gets all the buckets easily – not easily enough in the Suns Trail 3-2 series, which faces elimination in Milwaukee on Tuesday night (9pm on ABC and ESPN usage).