July 7, 2022

Nadal reaches French Open final after Sverev was forced to retire with injury | French Open 2022

Rafael Nadal advances to the final of the French Open tennis series following Alexander Sverre Injured and forced to retire.

In tragic scenes, in favor of Nadal 7-6, 6-6, the third-seeded German fell and was injured, and the anxious Nadal cried out in pain as he hurried around the net to offer his condolences.

Sverev was aided by paramedics on his legs, but was taken in a wheelchair from court for treatment. He got up again on crutches to inform the referee that he could not proceed. As his latest bid for the Grand Slam title came to a catastrophic end, the crowd at Court Philippe-Chatterjee – as strongly as usual in support of Nadal – awoke to salute the world No. 3.

“It’s very hard for him, very sad,” Nadal said. “He’s playing an incredible match and I know he’s fighting to win a Grand Slam. I’m sure he’s going to win more than one, and my congratulations to him.”

On his 36th birthday, Nadal, who had beaten the first camel, was chasing the bulk of the opening set, standing on the court as far as he could to defend Sverre’s 130mph service with thunder.

After the break, he faced four set points 6-2 at the tie-break, but somehow backed up, including an unbeaten backhand, chasing an outrageous forehand winner and snatching it to 10-8 after 92 tough minutes. .

The last thing any player needs is a 44-shot rally, but that’s what they got at the start of the second set with four breaks in the opening games. Nadal was rewarded with two more breaks for the double mistakes Sverev made at crucial moments in the first set, and the second in the few minutes he was warned by the referee for swearing in Russian while working for the set.

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When the Spaniard drew 5-5 again, it was the first time he had 93 minutes of service. But then, as Nadal was about to take the match to the second tie-peak, Sverre’s foot gave way and the match was over. Nadal achieved it, certainly not the way he wanted, but he is on track to win the Roland Crosby title No. 14 and 22nd Grand Slam.