November 26, 2022

Mysterious and unique features of Mac that are surprisingly useful

Macs come packed with useful features, but some are less obvious than others. You could be using your Mac for years without knowing its features and settings. In this post, let’s uncover the hidden treasures and the best-kept secrets of MacBooks so you can enhance your productivity. 

Enable dark mode 

The dark mode was available on Mac even before the feature became available on the iPhone and iPad. When you switch on the Dark Mode, all the apps that support this feature turn from bright and light colors to nearly black colors. Dark or black colors make it easier for the eyes to look at the screen when working at night. 

Navigate to the System Preferences app > click General to use Dark Mode. You will find three options at the top of the Settings pane, and you need to decide between Dark, Light, or Auto. 

Send emojis 

Did you know your Mac has an emoji keyboard? Yes, it is similar to the one you use on your phone. It is very easy to get to it. You have to press the Control + Command + Space bar, and the emoji picker will appear. You can use your favorite emojis and send them to your friends. 

Invert colors 

Ease eye strain by inverting colors on your Mac. If you don’t know how to invert colors on a Mac, it is high time you learn this hack so that you can protect your eyes while working on your system for long hours. Also, you can quickly switch back and forth between the original colors and inverted colors on your Mac. 

Navigate to the System Preferences app for inverting colors and click Accessibility. Then, click Display. You’ll get the Invert Colors option. 

Automatically changing wallpaper 

If you are tired of staring at the same picture as your desktop background, you can opt to use Dynamic Desktop pictures. Go to System Preferences > click Desktop & Screen Saver > choose a dynamic desktop picture. Then, the wallpaper on your system will keep changing throughout the day. You will have a great time staring at your system’s display. 

Sign documents and send them 

There’s no need to get a third-party application to sign documents. Instead, you can use Preview, and this app comes in-built with Mac. As early as 2011, Preview could help users add their signatures. However, not a lot of users were aware of the feature. 

In Preview, it takes only a few seconds and a couple of clicks to add a signature and sign documents. So, you don’t have to download the document, take a printout, sign it, scan it and send it via email. Instead, you have to open the document in Preview and click on the pen icon. Then, click on the Signature Box and click on Create Signature. 

You can sign on a piece of paper and hold it up to your system’s camera. Alternatively, you can sign using the trackpad. Once you are satisfied with the signature created, you can drag it into the document and save it. 

Use screen’s corners as shortcuts 

There are keyboard shortcuts to complete several tasks on your Mac. But it is a daunting task to remember all the shortcuts. A better alternative is activating hot corners. 

When you activate hot corners, you can link some of the actions to the four corners of your screen. Then, as you hover your cursor over the corners of the screen, your system will execute the shortcut that you have set. You can set up hot corners by going to System Preferences > clicking Mission Control > and clicking Hot Corners. 

From the dropdown menu, you can configure the shortcuts you wish to assign to the four corners of your screen. For example, you can lock your computer, take a quick note or even pull out the notification center by hovering your mouse pointer on any four corners. 

Automatically launch apps

If you regularly use many applications and need them to be running as soon as you switch on your computer, you can do so by automating the startup routine. For example, it is possible to automatically launch some of the programs and apps when you turn on your system. 

For setting up your login items, you have to head to System Preferences > click Users & Groups > choose your username and enter the Login Items tab. Then, you have to click on the plus button and head to the Applications section. Finally, you have to double-click on the programs and apps you wish to launch automatically when your computer boots. If you wish to remove a few apps, you can do so later. 

The bottom line 

These features of Mac are some of the system’s well-kept secrets. Use them to boost your productivity and augment your Mac experience.