July 4, 2022

MUT looks at LA Courtroom Deca ‘Rock City’ music video

  • A courtroom saw Tycoon’s “Rock City” during a Black China defamation trial against the Kardashians.
  • It was Wednesday The first full day Black China $ 108 Defamation and Interruption Case Against Family.
  • Late in the trial, he said, “no women have any misconceptions.”

On the first full day of Black China’s $ 108 million defamation and harassment lawsuit against the Kardashian family, jurors viewed China’s star appearance in Rob Dika’s “Rock City” music video as evidence of her growing life before meeting her ex, Rob Kardashian.

Before the lawsuit was filed in 2017, China’s lawyer Lynn Xiani recorded the video in a Los Angeles court record as the lawyer sought to disclose China’s importance of being separated from the Kardashian family and intertwined with them.

In the video, China is abducted by Assamese and then Taiga saves her as bombs are thrown behind them.

China’s legal name is Angela White. Claiming $ 100 million in damages From the Kardashian-Jenners. She says they unjustly talked to her E! Network executives five years ago, after she and Rob Kardashian split. The family has Denied the charges of the case.

Kardashian lawyer Michael Rhodes initially opposed the video being played, but the jury compromised to allow the video to be viewed without any sound. During his testimony, China briefly explained the history of their dating with Taika, who briefly engaged him and shared with their son King Cairo Stevenson. After he and China split, Kylie Jenner and Taika had been dating for three years.

“Were you crazy when Kylie stole your boyfriend?” Rhodes asked China during his cross-examination. China responded about the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and married Chris Jenner.

Chloe and Kim Kardashian sat with Kylie and Chris Jenner in black, wearing a tan coat and tan suit, respectively. Occasionally, they would fix each other’s hair, and Kim would sit behind her back and forth with a notebook and send it with advice.

During her testimony, China repeatedly referred to Chris Jenner as “Miss Chris”.

Rhodes began cross-examining China less than an hour before the trial, following complaints that Siani had “asked only leading questions” to China.

Rhodes’ exchange of views with China was increasingly tempted as he accused China of several incidents of physical violence against Rob, almost all of which he vehemently denied, admitting that Rob stole his phone and broke into a set of Gingerbread houses after locking himself in a cupboard. “I smashed the Gingerbread house,” China told the court.

Finally, the Rhodes inquired into the couple’s section’s timeline, comparing his testimony from the 2017 domestic abuse ban order against Rob Kardashian with his testimony from Wednesday and promising to start the session tomorrow.