December 6, 2022

MLB Wild Card: Phillies are making life difficult for themselves with a loss for the citizens

MLB Wild Card: Phillies are making life difficult for themselves with a loss for the citizens

WASHINGTON – The Phillies continue to make things difficult for themselves in the final days of their quest to end a 10-year drought.

They lost their first double-header game to the worst team in baseball on Saturday afternoon for a variety of reasons, but poor defense, a long-standing problem with this club, ranked first.

Joey Meneses, a name that Phillies minor league system followers will remember, drove in four runs as the Washington Nationals hit the Phillies with a devastating 13-4 loss in which he eventually had to use a center player on the hill. , which is an embarrassing development anytime and especially in the final days of the supplement hunt.

Three of Meneses’ men came on a two-off clearing grounds that eluded third baseman Alec Bom with two second-half naysayers. The ball came off the bat at just 78 mph. Boom had the opportunity to make backhand strokes on the ball, both in jumps and in the air, and he did neither. The next hitter, Luke Voight, pushed Kyle Gibson deep to complete a five-round run and gave the national team a 6-1 lead they never gave up.

It was Velez’s sixth loss in their last seven games and 11th place in their last 15 games as they continued to swing to the finish line as their playoff hopes swung. In 84-73, they tied up with Milwaukee for the last wild card spot. Both teams will be at work on Saturday evening. The Brewers host Miami while The Phillies go with Noah Syndergaard for the Cup of the Night in Washington.

“We have to go get her in game two,” coach Rob Thompson said. “Look what we made.”

And what is this Velez team that was formed from the 11th to the 15th of September?

“All year round, I’ve said they’re resilient and they fight and come and go back,” Thompson said. “Even in the eighth and ninth halves, there was a lot of energy on the bench. The whole match you thought we would come back.

“This team has been resilient all year long and I trust them, I trust them, I trust them and I think we’ll be fine.”

The results of Game 2 in Washington and Brewers-Marlins in Milwaukee will go a long way to determine if the Phillies will actually be doing well.

The Phillies acquired Syndergaard on the trade deadline, but was taken to the Bulls center after eight times, the last four of which have seen him give up 30 hits and 15 times he’s earned in 22 runs.

Like Syndergaard, Gibson has also faced a lot of recent struggles. He had an ERA of 9.53 in five from the start of September, and Phillies lost four of those games. The first day of October did not produce better results for Gibson. He made 1-0 up at the top of the first half and proceeded to walk the first hit in the bottom of the half. That turned into a connecting race.

In the second half, Gibson gave up three singles — one that was a groundbreaking where CJ Abrams topped second baseman Jean Segura’s layup — before leading Meneses twice past Pom by three runs.

It would have been a different game if Segura or Bohm had played behind Gibson.

“Usually, he’d do that play,” Thompson said of Boom’s shot from Meneses. “He just got a bad read. It was kind of a change, a hanging ball. He just got a late break. He should’ve dropped it if he could.”

Game changer?

Yes, Thompson said. “That was a big part of the game. And Abrams took the base kick earlier in the inning. I don’t know if the runner got in Seggy’s way and changed his tack. I think he thought she took a bigger hit than she did.”

Gibson did not point a finger at his defense.

“I don’t think that took me out of my game,” he said. “I’m not someone who sits here talking about any of our guys negatively. They work their butts off every day. Sometimes things don’t go our way, sometimes they do. When things don’t go our way, I’m not going to sit here and say anything negative.” I think everyone involved knows it’s part of the match. I had a chance to reduce the damage after that and I didn’t. “

Later in the match, Meneses made the attack against Gibson, who ended up allowing eight hits and seven runs.

Meneses is a 30-year-old junior traveler who made his big-league debut with the Nationals on August 8.

One of Meneses’ minor league stopping points was Lehigh Valley in 2018. He hit 0.311 with 23 lucky catches and 82 RBI’s but never got a sniff from the big club. Four years later, he put an end to the team’s playoff hopes.