February 4, 2023

MLB Rumors: Red Sox Join Freddy Freeman Lottery;  Astros looking to meet Carlos Correa?

MLB Rumors: Red Sox Join Freddy Freeman Lottery; Astros looking to meet Carlos Correa?

A Major League Baseball team whose play was delayed by shutdown continues to catch up at a brisk pace with the opening of training camps in the spring. This means we have some catching up to do when it comes to rumours. Let’s do just that with Tuesday’s supply of free agency and commercial hype.

Shortstop Carlos Correa, our biggest free agent for the 2021-22 season, is still on the market. For a while, the expectation was that Astros Lifer will be signing off elsewhere this winter, but that may have been a hasty conclusion:

The Astros won the pennant last season, which means their world championship aspirations are very much alive. Those expectations will be great more alive if they can make a comeback with Correa, who hits like the first All-Star team player while also providing an excellent defense in an excellent shortstop position. The Astros previously made an effort to sign Korea into an extension last spring, But their offer to him wasn’t particularly serious. As long as they appreciate the running rates of a player with Korea’s skill level and relative youth, the Astros character has an advantage over all the other players.

The brave‘The last trade of Matt Olson It means franchise legend Freddy Freeman will play elsewhere next season. The DodgersAnd the YankeesAnd the blue jaysAnd the rays They are already known to be interested, and now you can add the Red Sox to the growing list:

Red Sox has Bobby Dalbeck On first base, he showed improvement over the last season. However, Freeman would be a big upgrade. He’s 32 years old, yes, but he still performs at a high level on the board, coming out of the 2021 season putting in an OPS+133 and a WAR of 4.7. It appears Freeman is seeking a six-year contract. Will the Sox be willing to satisfy those running rates? Signing the likes of Freeman will push them into luxury tax territory, but they clearly have the resources to handle that with ease.

The Yankees are still in contact with Anthony Rizzo

The Yankees will very much like the bats at first base, preferably the left-handed, which explains why they are associated with Freeman. However, MLB’s John Heyman reports That the Yankees see a Freeman signing as unlikely, which explains why they are so interested in reuniting with Anthony Rizzo.

The Yankees acquired Rizzo from Cubs Last season before the trading deadline, and in their 49 games they scored an OPS+110 with eight home runs. Like Freeman, he’s 32, but has shown signs of a more significant offensive decline in recent seasons. However, Rizzo would come much cheaper than Freeman’s will.

Slugger Nick Castellanos, a native of Davie, Florida, appears to be very interested in signing with his native Miami Marlins, but it’s not certain the interest is mutual:

Last season the Marlins finished 13th in the Premier League in home runs last season, so they could certainly use a pop from Castellanos, who since the start of the 2019 season has averaged 35 home runs per 162 games. In addition, the universal application of DH also means that the NL club does not have to live with the Castellanos defense below the external level. Moreover, Marlins is not exactly an attractive destination for free agents, at least in recent years, so one would think they would welcome this kind of opportunity.

Like Derek Jeter’s last departure From the front office points out, however, that the commitment to investing in the menu at ample levels may not be there. There is still time to reverse this narrative.