February 4, 2023

MLB Free Agency: Live Announcements, Rumors of Baseball Hot Stove Burning Again Following Lockout

The Major League Baseball and MLB Players’ Association reached a new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday afternoon. The lock imposed by the owner is over, 99 days after it started. The end of the lockout means the return of the baseball business, and that means trades and free-agent signatures can be redone. Yes, it’s hot oven season again, and you can see another buzz of moves in the coming hours with spring training camps opening this weekend.

Prior to the lockout, seven of CBS Sports’ top 10 free agents signed with the teams. It remains shortstop Carlos Correa, third paceman Chris Bryant and first paceman Freddie Freeman as top names. You can see our full list hereBut a few other players to watch out for include outfielder Xia Suzuki (joining NLB from Japan to MLB) and close Kenny Johnson.

Those names are all in the open market, but things started to move on Friday evening. Carlos Roden Signed with Giants, Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw Came to an agreement And signed by Andrelton Simmons One year contract Cubs.

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