December 7, 2022

MLB experts make 2021 world series predictions

The Astros and Braves are in contention for the World Series. Experts have to say here.

The 2021 Fall Classic kicks off Tuesday at Minute Maid Park in Houston, with game 1 starting at 8:09 pm ET (See FOX) To reach the World Series, American League West champion Astros (95-67) defeated the White Sox and Red Sox, while National League East champion Braves (88-73) defeated the Brewers and Dodgers. voted for its Reporters and Analysts World Series Predictions:

Who will win the World Series?

The Astros have been playing in the Third World Series for the past five years. Braves, who arrived a short time before reaching the Fall Classic a year ago, has returned to the world series for the first time since 1999.

Only one of them could be the World Series champion, and MLB experts see the obvious option: Houston.

This is the final account:

Astros: 52 votes
Brave: 24 votes

Why Astros? A recurring theme in the answers is Houston’s relentless offense.

“The Astros lineup doesn’t have easy outs, and the Braves will destroy the pitchers,” says analyst David Adler. “Repeating the offenses of the Dodgers and Astros would be too much for Atlanta.”

Star hitters like ALCS MVP Yordan Alvarez, Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve continue to have hitters like NL MVP Freddie Freeman as voters explain why they gave the Astros the edge over the Braves team without superstar Ronald Aguna Jr. Hot bats like NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario.

“The Astros have the best, deepest lineup in the game, and it’s an edge that can win the series (unless Eddie Rosario plays like Ted Williams on a good day),” writes analyst Mike Petriello.

An Astros Championship would be great news for manager Dusty Baker, one of the most colorful personalities in baseball and one of the most colorful personalities in the game, who manages his fifth different team in his 11th post-season, but is still looking for his first World Series ring. Dusty returned to the World Series for the first time since 2002 with the Giants nearly two decades ago.

For voters who chose Atlanta, many cited the magical sense of the Braves run until October – after all, post-season baseball is more than just numbers or benefit on paper.

“There’s nothing about the Braves run, really since July, that makes sense,” says author Will Leach. “But they’ve happily worn the men who grew up with goats and chemo gear around their necks this October. Sometimes everything will be fine.”

How many games will the series last?

The Astros and Braves League Championship series are gaining big wins against rivals of the postseason – the Astros sent the Red Sox to beat them in the 2018 ALCS, while the Braves finally beat the Dodgers, who knocked them out last year and 2018. .

Those two series lasted six games, and experts at predict another tough match in the World Series. Of the 52 voters who chose Astros, 38 think it takes six or seven games to get the job done.

Here’s how all the predictions were broken:

Astros in 7 games: 6
Astros in 6 games: 32
Astros in 5 games: 13
Astros in 4 games: 1

Brave players in 7 games: 7
Brave players in 6 games: 15
Brave players in 5 games: 1
Brave players in 4 games: 1

While 22 out of 24 Atlanta voters predict the series will go on for six or seven games, most Braves supporters think it’s going down the wire.

“Astros are tested in skill and battle, but the brave are very good and they have some magic,” writes author Brian Horowitz. “Needless to say, they have the initiative to start pitching; If they can go against the grain and get a 6+ strong innings from both of them, it will turn into a real game.

Overall, nearly 79% of voters (60 out of 76) whoever wins think the series will continue in six or seven games, and 13 voters think it will happen in seven, the same thing that happened in Houston’s previous two worlds. Series appearances, beating the Astros Dodgers in 2017 and losing to the Nationals in 2019.

Who is the World Series MVP?

Korea is set to play its final games with the Astros as Shortstop will become a free agent this season. With the World Series MVP Award, many of our voters think that Korea is going to come in the highest notes for the open market.

More than half of the experts (27 out of 52) chose Astros to win, and Korea was the MVP.

“If Korea thinks this could be his last games in the Astros uniform, he can run a big series and go free agency with speed,” says author Dan Chichalsky.

World Series MVP Voters Here:

Carlos Correa, SS, Astros: 27
Jose Altuway, 2B, Astros: 7
Kyle Tucker, LF, Astros: 7
Jordan Alvarez, DH, Astros: 6
Alex Breckman, 3B, Astros: 3
Yuli Curiel, 1B, Astros: 1
Michael Brandley, Astros: 1

Freddie Freeman, 1B, Braves: 14
Joke Peterson, RF, Braves: 3
Ozzy Alps, 2B, Braves: 2
Austin Riley, 3B, Braves: 2
Eddie Rosario, LF, Braves: 2
Charlie Morton, RHP, Braves: 1

Korea is not a surprising MVP choice. The 27-year-old is an excellent defender at shortstop, and he already has an attractive post-season resume, joins for seventh-season post-home runs (18) and is ranked sixth of all time by RBIs (55) who entered this fall classic. .

“While Braves’ early pitching is in better shape than the Astros, Houston’s big guns are undeniable,” says David Wen, managing editor of,’s Spanish language site. “Carlos Correa will put an exclamation mark with a big series during his Astros tenure.”

Among the experts who selected Braves to win, Freeman, who could become a free agent after the World Series, was the most popular choice for the MVP. The host of Atlanta’s lineup received 14 (58.3%) of the 24 MVP votes cast for a Braves player.

Freeman, last year’s NL MVP Award winner and Braves’ longest-serving player, will make his debut in the World Series. Left-handed Slacker has recorded over 1.000 OPS in every season of Atlanta this year, with three Homers, two doubles, six RBIs and a total of 10 walks.294 / .455 / .618. One of those tinkers got the decisive run in the Game 4 victory that captured Atlanta’s series against the Brewers in the NLDS.

After striking seven times in NLCS’s games 1 and 2 against the Dodgers and going 8-0, Freeman reached the base on the .632 clip and struck only once in the last four games of the series.

Who is the unsung hero?

Anyone can come out as an amazing hero in October, so a lot of players from both sides were selected here – that’s the main thing.

But some players stood out on each side: Astros, reliever Christian Javier and catcher Martin Maldonado, and Braves, reliever Tyler Matzek and shortstop Dansby Swanson.

Javier and Matzek helped their teams move comfortably through the LCS – with Xavier as the precious innings-eater in the middle of the games for Houston, and Matsek as the electric late-innings hand to Atlanta.

Matzek in particular is one of the best stories of the postseason – and his Clutch work on NLCS ‘Game6 The Braves were crucial in reaching the World Series against the 106-winning Dodgers.

Maldonado, meanwhile, can change the game behind the plate – especially with his rocket hand. His Get them out, double play Alex Verdugo was one of the biggest playwrights in the ALCS Game 6 series to catch the second thief and finish the seventh inning.

Swanson, who received the next highest number of votes on the Braves list after Matsek, may not be often overlooked in the Atlanta line-up, but enters the five-game hitting streak in the World Series. He has delivered some big post-season wins with three homers in the Braves playoff run last October.

All of the players selected as the Unsung Hero of this year’s World Series are:

Christian Xavier, RHP, Astros: 10
Martin Maldonado, C, Astros: 8
Kendall Graveman, RHP, Astros: 5
Sauce McCormick, CF, Astros: 4
Kyle Tucker, LF, Astros: 4
Louis Garcia, RHP, Astros: 3
Zach Greenkey, RHP, Astros: 3
Framber Valdez, LHP, Astros: 3
Michael Brandley, LF, Astros: 2
Ryan Pressly, RHP, Astros: 2
Jose Siri, CF, Astros: 2
Yuli Curiel, 1B, Astros: 1
Phil Maton, RHP, Astros: 1
Ryne Stanek, RHP, Astros: 1
Blake Taylor, LHP, Astros: 1
Jason Castro, C, Astros: 1
Carlos Correa, SS, Astros: 1

Tyler Matsek, LHP, Braves: 10
Donsby Swanson, SS, Braves: 4
Maximum Fried, LHP, Braves: 2
Joke Peterson, RF, Braves: 2
Ozzy Alps, 2B, Braves: 1
AJ Minter, LHP, Braves: 1
Eddie Rosario, LF, Braves: 1
Will Smith, LHP, Braves: 1