February 2, 2023

MLB Dot Com Trade Deadline Day Predictions: Contreras, Hub, Robertson

To entertain in the early hours of your time – don’t take it too much – review MLB.com Trading Deadline Day Forecastwhich is characterized by two large movements of the cubs.

For example, the Cubs sent David Robertson – and only David Robertson – to New York:

Not with the Yankees but with the Mets, who are in need of a savior with great influence. Mets also need DH but didn’t like the show and price tags. It wouldn’t be shocking, though, to see them land JD Martinez (perhaps with the participation of Dominic Smith). This would give them multiple DHs called JDs, which we can assume would be a record without checking it.

I guess this may not have been discussed enough, since the heavy emphasis on the Mets stuff is about how strongly they respond to Willson Contreras’ rumors (because I’m pretty sure, they want both Contreras and Robertson). But there’s a chance Contreras will go elsewhere, and Robertson ends up with a solo piece that goes to the Mets.

Even for the best rental vehicle on the market, you will not get a potential customer of the upper tier of the organization. But I’m wondering if the Cubs could land Matt Alan, way past 2019 who had surgery for Tommy John last year and thus hasn’t competed competitively since 2019. You don’t get a guy like Alan if he’s healthy, sure Not in a deal for a rent saviour. But after the injury? With no return yet? Maybe so.

Of course, the Mets will likely see that as another kind of Pete Crowe-Armstrong risk…

For another MLB.com trade forecast, the Cubs send Wilson Contreras and Ian Hub to the San Diego Padres:

Speaking of Padres, if they don’t get Soto, how is that for a backup plan? Padres and Cubs have made quite a few deals with each other in recent years, the most notable being the Yu Darvish trade. This would be San Diego’s way, having already done its best by adding Hader to the roster, to address its offensive issues in a purposeful and flexible way.

The Hub will improve what has been one of the worst performing pitches in baseball, and Contreras increases attack in the catcher position (the San Diego has .679 OPS combined) while also giving the brothers another option in the DH. The Contreras market isn’t as strong as some might think, but Hub is definitely a hot commodity right now. Padres should be able to put together a package for this pair that doesn’t include CJ Abrams or senior potential client Robert Hassell III.

I think it’s definitely possible, and even if it’s true that the Padres family wouldn’t include Abrams or Hustle (reasonable, unfortunately), it’s not as if they also didn’t have guys like James Wood, Louis Camposano, Jackson Merrill, Adrian Morejon and many more quality prospects to make up the pack. I would keep dreaming of a deal in which the Cubs also take Eric Hosmer’s salary and the package expands to include one from Hassell or Abrams, but, yeah, I might be dreaming.