August 8, 2022

MLB: 12 ​​suspended after mass fighting between Marines and Angels


Following this, Major League Baseball suspended 12 players and coaches Mass fighting It shattered the Los Angeles victory over the Seattle Mariners on Sunday.

Three Mariners players were suspended. Jesse Winger, who was charged on the Angels bench after being hit by Andrew Wands’ pitch, received seven suspensions, JP Crawford five and Julio Rodriguez two.

Nine players and Angels coaching staff, including manager Bill Nevin, were suspended for 10 games.

When Anthony Renton returned from injury he was suspended for five games, Wands for three games, Ray Deborah for three games and Riesel Iglesias for two games.

The Angels’ assistant pitch coach, bench coach, translator and catching coach were also suspended.

All three of the Mariners players will appeal, the MLB said on its website, adding that the suspension could be triggered by the team as all three are missing at the same time.

“If they throw [Wantz] Outside, it will stop, “Winger said on Monday. An MLB. “If he hits me, if they kick him out, I’m going to the first floor. Nothing would have happened if the guy in the cast and their manager had not spoken. But they were talking, and I did not want to talk.

Step: Mass battle to cover victory over Angels Marines

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s over,” Winger added. “We’m going to worry about hitting them next time. That’s important.

There is no one here to talk to the media about the ‘tough guy’, no one here to do this or that and talk about fines, suspensions, whatever. It happens regardless, so we’ve going to beat them.

The Wands hit Winger’s waist as the Marines were already in pain as the previous pitch that Wands threw during Sunday’s game was close to Julio Rodriguez’s head.

Angry winger angels headed for the bench, triggering angry shots, emptying both benches and eventually leading to eight exits.

Wantz received his three-game ban for deliberately throwing at Winker, the MLB said, and will not appeal. However, both Tepera and Iglesias appealed and were able to play against the Chicago White Sox on Monday.