January 29, 2023

Miles Garrett says he was impressed and not surprised by Baker Mayfield’s performance

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Baker MayfieldHis tenure in Cleveland didn’t end well, but one of his former teammates was rooting for him after his impressive comeback Thursday night.

Browns defensive end Miles GarrettHe, who played with Mayfield for four years in Cleveland, said he went to bed Thursday night with Mayfield’s Rams trailing 16-3, but had no doubt Mayfield could bring the Rams back, which he won 17-16. Riders.

“I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see the half of it,” Garrett said Akron Beacon Journal. “At the end of the third I went to sleep. I was like, [16-3], new team, maybe he’ll get them next week. I went to sleep and woke up. Before I went to sleep, I was with myself [physical therapist] John, I said, ‘Maybe you should wake up. There is a chance that he will bring them back. You let me know in the morning.’ So I woke up and there was a text waiting for me like ‘You won’t believe’. I say yes, I do.

Garrett said he watched the comeback in the morning and was impressed with what Mayfield did.

“I mean, it was [impressive]” Garrett said. “And going back to look at it, he was putting some coins in there for guys to go early in the game, until it clicked. So I have nothing against the guy now. I wish him success wherever he is.

Mayfield becomes a free agent in March, and no one knows where he’ll play next year, but things are off to a good start with his third team, and it’s impressed his first-team teammates.