Mike Tyson is not happy with Hulu.

The mini-series “MIKE”, inspired by his life, is set to premiere August 25 on Hulu streaming platforms and Tyson claims he was never given permission to create it. In a series of tweets, Tyson expressed his disdain and praised UFC President Dana White for refusing to participate in it.

The series of tweets drew reactions from many, including the UFC star Nate Diaz WBC President Mauricio Suleiman.

Praise for UFC President Dana White

Tyson noted that many of his friends and acquaintances were misled into sharing. However, White wasn’t among them – despite what Tyson said on Friday was a significant amount of money on offer.

“Hulu Desperately Tried To Pay My Brother Dana White Millions Without Giving Me A Dollar To Promote The Slave Master Who Takes Over My Life Story,” Tyson wrote on Twitter. He refused it because it honors friendship and treats people with dignity. I will never forget what he did for me just as I will never forget what Hulu stole from me.”

Mike Tyson is out

The tweets about White were just a small part of Tyson’s full display of grievances. Compare his situation with Hulu to slavery and the promise of “#headswillroll”.

WBC President Mauricio Suleiman says he was misled

Solomon, the Mexico-based president of the World Boxing Council, posted a photo of his father and former WBC president Jose Solomon with Tyson. Solomon commented that he was misled by Hulu and allowed the production team to use belts for the series.