January 29, 2023

Mike Tomlin: Twain Hoskins was “in command” of the performance against the Eagles.

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A Production Training Camp To the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Twain Hoskins Philadelphia continued against the eagles on Thursday night.

Hoskins completed 16 of 22 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown in the second quarter of the Steelers series against the Eagles. Mason Rudolph Started the competition with Ben Rothlisberger Conducted by the team.

I thought he was in command tonightSteelers head coach Mike Tomlin, said by Joe Router Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “He did a great job of communicating with people and went over his progress. There was a third-down play, maybe a third and -8, and he watched three or four readings and threw the ball in the middle of the field for us. It was a snapshot of the night.”

Hoskins, the former first-round pick for the Washington football team in 2019, is battling Rudolf for the defense for Rothlisberger. The performance against the Eagles comes after his solid pre-season debut last week at the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys. Hoskins completed 8 of 13 passes for 54 yards on his first exhibition tour with the Steelers. Both drives he directed ended up with scores.

Hoskins said it was passed against the Eagles and that a recommendation to play like quarterback coach Mike Sullivan’s “jazz player” paid off.

“Be very gentle, that’s what I was trying to do,” Hoskins said. “Be gentle. Let the plays come to me. Believe what I see. Let my eyes and feet tell me where to take the ball.”

If Hoskins can hold the backup for 2021, it will blossom into a great opportunity on the road. With Rothlisberger 39 years old and close to the end of his strong career, Hoskins can position himself to get another chance as a full-time starter with the Steelers.

Continuing to play like he has played for the past three weeks and season games will go a long way to giving him that opportunity in the future.